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engage your employees and keep them connected!

Introduce some fun and reward your remote workers by connecting colleagues with a fantastic virtual team building activity that will ignite relationships again!

By downloading our app to a smartphone your employees will be able to keep engaged virtually and enjoy a fun competitive activity full of interaction and lots of banter 🙂

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Hosted Games Powered By Our App   

Accumulator is a fantastic business game designed with a focus on reading between the lines and utilising your teams skill base.

Work together to beat the clock but observe the end goal!

Globe Trotters is a virtual team game heavily focused on team work, deadlines and competition!

The ultimate test of remote team work, communication and investigation.

Step It Up works by  measuring your steps. Only when the player has reached the target will our app provide the next challenge!

The perfect game for employees health & wellbeing!

Go Remote is a team building activity that can be played at any time of the day and runs for a duration of days.

Simply complete your 5 daily tasks and rise up the live leaderboard as you go!

This virtual Game Show is not your normal pub quiz!

Download our app, grab a drink and prepare yourself for a fast paced, very competitive and fun packed virtual hosted gameshow!

Virtual Escape rooms

Virtual Escape Rooms

Experience our new virtual escape rooms and immerse yourself in the criminal underground!


Played over a video conferencing platform you will be plunged into a 1 hour mission that only the best teams will complete!

Overlook nothing and use your collective skills to escape in time!

Virtual CSI

Virtual CSI Murder Mystery

There has been a murder in the office!
Use your skills to remotely access CCTV footage, hack into the victims phone, investigate their social media accounts and many more CSI tools to solve this terrible murder.
If you like a good murder mystery mixed with a CSI challenge this virtual game is a brilliant choice for groups of 10 – 250 players!

Entertaining hosted events

ClueGo virtual events are run by our experienced virtual event hosts so you can rest assured your event will run smoothly. 
And above all be full of laughs!

Hassle free virtual events

Not really sure what virtual team building is all about?

Pick up the phone or use the chat function to talk with our experienced team. We can talk about your objectives, understand your requirements  and find which activity is right for you.