Engage, Encourage And Excite Your Team!

Cluego is an extremely experienced events company providing super exciting, action packed team experiences for corporate groups throughout the UK and beyond.

Using GPS technology and gamification inspired through traditional treasure hunts we will take you on an adventure that will inspire creativity and provide a fantastic platform for learning whilst also having fun!
Using iPad's programmed with our unique and interactive app your guests will be plunged into a game scenario where they will experience a highly competitive event full of laughter.

If you are looking for a unique team building activity, social event or way to launch a new brand for groups of 10 upwards then you are in the right place.



Our tablet treasure hunts can be experienced in various exciting formats from land based to airborne!

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Explore the UK and beyond as our treasure hunts can be held anywhere you wish without limitations.

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Event Application

Whether it's a fun day out of the office, an incentive trip abroad or launching a new product Cluego is the answer.

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How Does It Work?

The Briefing

Part 1

Your event will commence with an uplifting and informative game brief by our experienced event manager from your chosen start location.

Game On!

Part 2

Teams are provided with their iPad, team selfies are taken and your guests are released out into the streets.

The Competition Heats Up!

Part 3

Race around the city or venue activating as many location based hotspots as you can to reveal your challenge.

Its All About The Points

Part 4

The more questions you answer, the more amusing photos and videos you take, the more treasure you find and the more games you complete the more points you will gain!

An Amusing Finale

Part 5

All teams head back to your end venue for the results and hilarious slide show where each teams photo and video tasks will be shown.

Points Mean Prizes

Part 6

The team with the most amount of points are crowned the winners and receive their medals!

How Will You Go?

Take to the streets, water or air the choice is yours!
Whether you are holding your treasure hunt in the city centre, a rural location or on the coast we have a treasure hunt format for every situation.


By shanks pony


Italian Job Inspired


Save your legs


Super healthy hunting!


Take to the water


Give us an idea and we will make it happen

So Much Fun To Be Had!

Custom Branded Games, Puzzles & Tasks

Our treasure hunts are not just a walking quiz, even more interaction is included with puzzles and games that are located around the local area activated via GPS.
All these challenges can be customised and branded to your company on request. These are just a few examples of what to expect.


Matching Words

Spin the wheels and match the words, it's as simple as that but can you match them in time before the clock runs out!

Combine this game with anything relating to your company and you have a great learning tool.


Find The Pairs

Test your memory and beat the clock as you tap the squares to find the matching pairs.

Again a completely custom mini game that can be branded to your company.


Digital Jigsaws

The pressure is on, can you slide the jigsaw pieces into the correct place before the timer runs out!

This game can be customised with any image.


Slot Machines

Enter a virtual casino and try your luck on the slot machines!

This game can be customised with your own images.


Missing Words

Tap the scrambled letters to fill in your answer, its as simple as that.

Another great way to challenge teams with a question relating to thier location or a subject.


Photo & Video Tasks

These are our favourite tasks, designed to bring out the creative side of your teams!

Tailored to create huge laughs these photo and video challenges will all be shown at the end of your event :)

Advanced Gameplay

We work very hard here at Cluego to ensure our events are ahead of the game.
There is so much more to experience than just a wildgoose chase around your chosen location!
Our game formats are crammed with exciting features and designed for maximum fun, competition and interaction.


Beat Them To It!

Race to special hotspots that disappear off other teams iPads if you beat them to it.

Big points to be had here!


Attack Them All!

Use your armoury of digital weapons to slow down other teams by restricting the use of their iPad screen at critical times.


Hunt & Run!

Not everything is static on the map!

Look out for Zombies that hunt you down or grab a Pacman for extra points!

A Treasure Hunt Needs A Hunt For Treasure!

Hidden around the route within certain challenges are special virtual items that you must collect to open specific treasure chests.
Only when you find the correct items for example the rusty key for the old chest will the old chest open and provide you with another item to continue the quest!
On the map will be an X to mark the spot where the treasure is buried.
The first team to open the last chest and receive the spades to dig up the treasure will win a huge points bonus!

On Your Event Day

Event Management


All our event formats are fully managed by an experienced event team on the day.

Event Briefings


Sit back and let us explain everything to your guests before they take part.



Everyone needs a goal and all our events come with a prize for the top team!

Need a venue?


We can suggest a start and end location for your event if required.

Bespoke Options


Looking for a little something special ? We can create a bespoke branded event just for you.



All our events come with maximum fun by default!.

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