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Let us introduce you to the perfect solution where our GPS London  treasure hunts are a fantastic way for teams looking to enhance their days out in the capital.

Our team building treasure hunts in London are very low maintenance for event planners and maximum fun for the guests on the day, what could be better than that!

The open space and iconic landmarks around Waterloo, Greenwich and St Paul’s Cathedral coupled with the exciting areas around Oxford Street and Covent Garden, makes the city of London iconic for any variation of our treasure hunts.

We have some great options available all over central London so please take a look here for more information about our fun corporate team building activities in London.

Onsite Event Manager

iPads Provided

Event Time Of 1 To 4 Hours

Start & End From Any Venue

Free Venue Finding Service

Message Teams

Sabotage Teams

Interactive Characters

Winners Medals

Our Corporate Team building In London Is Suitable For Groups of 10-1000!

Why Do A team Building Activity In London?

Regardless of which format you choose, with the beautiful city of London and our stunning hand held app, you can explore historic and modern architecture whilst enjoying a great team building day out.

No part of London is the same, so why not discover all the unique and exclusive areas that this enormous capital has to offer on a treasure hunt. Why not explore:

The beauty of treasure hunts & team building in London is that there are no limitations on which hunt you choose. Maybe you’re looking for a traditional experience to get a feel for the city where our Go Urban option would be perfect. If you prefer to take the pressure off your feet then our Go Taxi format that takes your guests to some of London’s most iconic landmarks in black cabs would be the better choice.

4 Great London Based Formats To Choose From

Perhaps you’re more interested in an adrenaline-induced treasure hunt in London that will push you out of your comfort zone? If that is the case then we recommend an action packed thrill ride in a speedboat across the River Thames using our London based Go Boat treasure hunt.

When you and your colleagues arrive on the day you will be met by our event manager who will give a short and informative briefing on how your day out in London will proceed. You will also be given a tutorial on how to use the iPad’s and our app.

Once we have insured that everyone understands the game, you will be able to free roam with our treasure hunt around London. So, simply arrive at your selected location and we will do the rest.

We can also start the event from London-based offices to maximise your free time and reduce the hassle of travelling to a venue.

Team Building in London The Fun Way!

No matter what your requirements are we will plan the event around you!

Please take a look at our corporate treasure hunt formats and if you are unsure which is the best option then do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Team building in London can be a difficult task due to the lack of venues with outdoor space for the more traditional activities and this is why our London treasure hunts out-perform all other options.

Call us today and we will help you provide a rewarding and memorable team building day for your guests in London.