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Frequently Asked Questions


We aren’t based near any of your listed locations, can you run a treasure hunt near us?

Yes we can, we love writing treasure hunts, and we are always happy to write a new one at a new location.


How many people will I need?

Cluego is a competitive treasure hunt so you will need at least two teams to make it run with at least three people per team but teams of 4-7 people works best. We can run treasure hunts for 50 or more teams.


We need a venue to start and finish from, can you help us find one?

Yes we can, we’ve made lots of friends at different venues all over the UK, usually as long as your group are happy to buy a few drinks or something to eat then the space is free!


Can the app content be translated for international guests?

Yes sure we currently have an Italian version ready to go and other languages can be provided no problem at all. (additional fees applied)


When the event is running, what stops the teams from following each other?

At the beginning of the event the teams all have a different hotspot that they must start at. This separates the teams. By the nature of the event the teams will try to avoid each other.


Are the questions relevant to the town or are they just general knowledge questions dotted around?

Cluego treasure hunts are written by us from walking the streets that your teams will walk on the day of your event.

This way we find lots of great interesting facts and items that other companies may overlook.


How long should it last?

If you are on foot then three hours is about as much as a lot of people, can do. However our vehicle packages can run all day, or even all week!!!


Can we incorporate some questions that are relevant to our group or company?

Absolutely yes. Our packages are infinitely customisable. Though we do need a day or so to add them to the software.


What should we bring with us?

Dress for the weather, bring a brolly if it’s likely to rain. In the heat of summer some sun screen is also a good idea. A bottle of water and a bag of sweets also help keep you going.


Will the winning team get a prize?

Yes, we offer a bottle of fizz or something similar if that’s not for you. However if you want to bring prize  or would like us to get something different, let us know what you want to do and we will sort it out for you.


Why should we choose Cluego?

Cluego offers a very personal service. The people in the office are the ones that will be there on the day delivering your event to a very high standard and making sure that your expectations are exceeded!


Obviously this won’t cover everything so if you have any questions please feel free to call our office and talk to one of the team.

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