play in multiple locations
at the same time!

Our events can be run simultaneously in multiple locations!

This amazing and unique solution provides clients with a fantastic way to engage their guests all at the same time even if they are based at different locations.

Imagine a team building game that can be played anywhere on the globe with teams competing against each other all at the same time. (depending on time zones).

We will create a game that is duplicated and placed onto as many different locations as you require so that everyone has the same tasks to complete in the set time frame.

Teams can communicate with all locations and the global live leaderboard will be available for everyone to see!

Multi city treasure hunts
A team building event around the globe!

an event designed to engage people across the globe

This event is a perfect solution designed to engage people from all over the globe in a simultaneous team building game packed with fun and adventure.

We recently provided a Christmas event for a client with offices in London, Malta and Spain enabling them to interact with the whole company remotely. 

This provided the client with a cost effective solution to their annual get together as although the teams were in different countries they still got to engage in a fun activity together.  

The game can also run over a few days with offices in different time zones. Case study.



Our events are suited to people of all ages and abilities.



Our games can be played indoors and outdoors without limitation.



Our events are provided with highly experienced events managers.



We guarantee you will have an amazing day out with us!