Virtual escape Room

Break in - steal the chemicals - don't get locked in!

All quizzed out and looking for another great alternative?

Look no further as we immerse  you into an amazing and intense virtual experience within the criminal underground.

Played over a video conferencing platform you will be plunged into a 1 hour mission that only the best teams will complete!

Overlook nothing and use your collective skills to escape the lab!

A fully immersive online experience for 6-2000 guests

You will be required  to commit a crime. And by doing so, you might just save the world!

Your objective is a chemical research company called Up & Atom Incorporated.

Bring the excitement of a live escape room to your workplace or home!

Scientists have created a new form of super weapon. It is currently stored in an inert state, each part under lock and key in two separate parts of the facility.

Your team will need to get both pieces of the weapon in order to be sure they can’t recreate it!

The Director of Up & Atom already has buyers lined up on the black market, so time is of the essence.

We cannot sit idly by and let this transaction happen – the consequences for business would be catastrophic.

So, in simple terms, go inside, steal the chemical, and deliver it back to us!

Connect with your colleagues remotely and join in the fun where ever you are!

What platform will this work on?

We can use Zoom, Teams or Webex 🙂

how long does it last?

Please allow 90 minutes.

what do we need to play?

All you need is a laptop or desktop computer to play.