be that winner!

a fully hosted quiz full of laughs!

We have created a simply brilliant quiz show that includes all the great features of our normal live quiz show but provided remotely through video conferencing. 

Simply download our app to your smart phone and play the quiz from the comfort of your own home. 

Packed full of trivia, games and fun challenges

Download our app from the app stores, take a selfie and join the quiz from home, the office or where ever you are !

Connect with your remote colleagues and have fun!

Compete on various different fun challenges

Our quiz show is not just about continuous trivia questions!

We have included a huge range of media rich challenges from ‘what happened next’ videos to digital jigsaws, memory games and problem solving.

Mixed with a selection of fun trivia and physical game show style tasks this virtual quiz is like no other you have seen before.

Did we mention the live score board and breakout rooms for a quick drink break?

Can I make the quiz bespoke to our company?

Yes ! Our app can be tailored to include any content you wish. Add multiple choice questions, images for puzzles and games as well as video and sound clips.

how long does it last?

Typically 90 minutes however again we can tweak this to any duration you wish.

what do we need to play?

Players will need a smart phone, our app and a separate device for the video meeting.