meet the team at cluego

Committed to providing amazing events!

James – MD

Favourite Food – Steak! –  Barbecued of course

Favourite Band – The Smiths

Favourite Movie – Rocky or Karate Kid (too close to call) 

Worst Habit – Annoying my kids

Jim Maynard

Jim – Events & Game Creator

Favourite Food – BBQ Thai Garlic Prawns

Favourite Band – System Of A Down

Favourite Movie – The Princess Bride

Worst Habit – Saying things before I have thought it through to the end

Freya Davies 2

Freya – Content Producer & Social Media

Favourite Food – Oriental Pizza

Favourite Band – The Aces

Favourite Movie – Paddington II

Worst Habit – ASOS addiction!

Rosie – Sales

Favourite Food – Fish Pie

Favourite Band – Fleetwood Mac

Favourite Movie – Ten Things I Hate About You

Worst Habit – Always leaving the sink to pile up!

Craig Hands

Craig – Freelance Event Manager

Jonny – Freelance Event Manager

Franks – Office Terror!

Booger & Pebbles – General Lay about’s