can you beat the accumulator!

focused on clear objectives and reading between the lines

Accumulator is a fast paced virtual team game testing efficiency and effectiveness. All under the pressure of a strict time limit!

The challenge is set to find solutions to a variety of problems displayed on a webpage accessed  by all team players remotely.

These online challenges are a mix of tasks, web based investigation and puzzles. Each task has a point score if correct, but maximum points are only available for getting it right first time.

Correct solutions to tasks earn points and points can be exchanged for virtual coloured blocks –  Simple…………or is it? 

fast paced and against the clock!

The pace is fast and furious from the start. It’s an online  race against time and your competing teams!

Hosted over a fully managed video conference players are briefed and then placed into breakout rooms to work together.

Teams then work on a solution to specific problems viewed on an external webpage which are entered into a device running the Accumulator app.

Our app records the answer and informs the team if this is correct or not. They only have 2 attempts per problem before they are locked out of that task so they have to be efficient and effective in all the answers given.

Game benefits

  • Fully Hosted

  • Fun & Motivational

  • Planning & Strategy

  • Managers can view without taking part

  • Team Dynamics

  • Uniting People

have fun and work with the help of our host!

organise your team and focus on key information

The Accumulator demonstrates a number of key issues about online teamwork and organisation but the main issue relates to the accurate interpretation of information and being crystal clear about the objectives. 

Teams rush into this exercise solving problems left, right and centre, earning points & exchanging  blocks.

However, although the brief refers to the building blocks, it quite clearly states that the objective is something very different!

Learning objectives

  • Highly participative for all players

  • Remote teams setting clear objectives

  • Importance of reviewing work to avoid costly errors

  • Some problem-solving skills

  • Promotes joint working on tasks

  • The importance of utilising each team member’s special skills

  • Working together and having fun