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Why Is Team Building Important?

Strong teams are essential to the success of any business. Your staff will perform better when they work as a team to cooperate, attain the same goal, and achieve results. Team building helps you build a better team so that your business succeeds. From improving relationships to increasing productivity to developing skills, this post highlights why team building is important for every business.

Indoor team building with Go Indoors

Making A Game Of It

Gamification has been a bit of a buzzword over the last few years, but have you ever considered how you could implement it in your workplace?

What is Gamification?

Turn A Standard Meeting Into An Exciting And Rewarding Team Event

Hotels are the perfect choice for a team meeting or conference. But many of the best hotels lack obvious activities, which means when you are looking for to do some team building it will be up to you to find ideas.

Our iPad treasure hunts can be delivered anywhere. We combine some of our favourite challenges with fascinating questions about the venue and the local area and create a package that will get your group working together and providing a great learning experience. We can also create an endless amount of tailored content relating to your brand and specific event.

Take a look at some of the hotels examples below that are ideal for team building and our events – 

Writing The Perfect Treasure Hunt Question

Since its launch Cluego has sought to improve the content of its packages. At the start, questions about specific destinations focused on what could be read on the wall in what we called our “Carved in stone” policy. In other words if the answer couldn’t be seen in that exact location then it wouldn’t get into the package.

VR headset

Will You Be Using VR Headsets?

A few years ago, Google glass was the next big thing. Headsets were selling to a select group of developers for well over £1000 a piece.

Cluego had a long hard look at Glass as we wondered if it would be suitable for our events.Googleglass

But then development ceased, the beta was closed. Headsets were withdrawn from sale.

Glass 2 is in development but it’s likely to be more for business use than aimed at the general public.