Virtual escape Room

Stop the chaos group before its too late!

Immerse yourself in this amazing virtual escape room where you only have 60 minutes to complete your mission and save the world!

A group of highly trained and secretive criminals have developed a poison with intent to release it acros the globe.

A previous team have tried to locate the criminals and their deadly poison facility but were compromised and never returned.

You must not fail this time so work together and save the planet before it is too late!

A fully hosted online escape room for 6-500 guests

Lose yourself in a totally immersive online experience

Only by clever investigation and completion of cryptic clues and red herrings will you be able to defeat the Chaos group and bring their evil plan to an end.

Our Ransom online escape room is packed full of exciting puzzles and virtual characters to keep you and your team locked in and working together for upto 60 intense minutes!


You have 60 minutes to stop the  criminals releasing the deadly poison!

Hosted by our team of experienced event staff this virtual escape room has been designed to encourage employee engagement with fantastic results.

We can use various online video platforms for the show and we will host the entire show for you.

Designed to be completely inclusive this great online team building game is perfect for international groups anywhere in the world.


Connect with your colleagues remotely and work together on this fun collaborative  online game

What platform will this work on?

We can use Zoom or Microsoft Teams

how long does it last?

Please allow 90 minutes.

what do we need to play?

All you need is a laptop or desktop computer to play.