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ClueGo is celebrating its 10th anniversary!

10 years ago, our MD and Founder, James Carruthers, launched ClueGo with a mission to inject some much-needed fun, adventure, and energy into the world of corporate team building with unique, action-packed treasure hunt experiences.

Since 2014, Cluego has become one of the most exciting team building events companies in the UK. We’ve inspired and engaged thousands of people around the world, organising our treasure hunt events for clients across the globe.

Along the way, our passionate team has been integral to our success, dedicated to making every event memorable and ensuring every team has a wonderful experience with us. This has earned us fantastic reviews and feedback, and our clients’ enthusiasm has exceeded our expectations!

It’s been an incredible 10 years, and we hope to continue to create unforgettable, fun-filled team building events that help motivate and strengthen teams for many more years to come.

A Message from James

10 years ago I plunged into my second event company business. It’s been a brilliant ride so far and I honestly really, really enjoy running this fantastic fun-focused company! Big shout out to Rosie M. who organised a surprise celebration meal and drinks after work with special guest appearances from the people that mean everything to ClueGo UK. The amazing team in the office and on events obviously! Jim Maynard, Rosie M., Lucy Kenyon, Craig Hands, Stephanie Link, Dean Ashley. The people behind the scenes running our website Marcus Miller (absolute guru) and of course the most creative man behind our branding Paul B. And not least my wife who has supported me all the way and puts up with my annual moaning around January when our industry goes quiet. Even my kids made the effort to rock up to the meal! Here’s to the next 10 years
James Carruthers
Founder & MD
Cluego team

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