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How Do GPS Treasure Hunts Work?

We get a lot of clients asking us how our treasure hunts work on the day so hopefully our video below will answer your questions!

In this short video you will see how we run our GPS treasure hunts with an example event in London.

The beauty of a GPS treasure hunt or scavenger hunt however you call it is that they can be held any where in the world!

Simply walk to an activation hotspot triggered by the iPad through GPS and engage in a whole host of exciting challenges.

An iPad with our App

GPS markers trigger challenges

Can I Run A Treasure Hunt In More Than One Location At The Same Time?


We can create a game that has the same content but in more than one location so that the teams can compete all over the world in the same game (time zone dependant of course)

Does The Treasure Hunt Have To Be All Walking?

No not at all! We can include any mode of transport you want!

We have provided thousands of treasure hunts all over the world using our app and iPads. Some events have included cars, trains and planes in the same event!

What Challenges Can I Experience On an iPad Treasure Hunt?

Watch our video below for the full description

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