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Step It Up

get off your chair and walk around to play!

Cluego are proud to offer our totally unique healthy online game designed to promote wellbeing and engagement through a fun and rewarding new game.

This unique game is a totally new approach to virtual team building and players can only play if they get off their seat and go for a walk!

FAQ - Covid-19

So how does it work?

Using an odometer in your phone our app will count the steps you take during the day. If you reach the milestone we set you will be rewarded with a badge to access a challenge on the map.

Think of it as a virtual marathon or tour from one location to another with fun tasks to do on route. The more exercise you take the more chances you have to complete a task and travel along the virtual route.

Challenge your staff over a week or longer

This game can cater for huge groups of players and perfect for international companies looking to engage their employees globally.

1000 plus players is not an issue 🙂

Simply download our app from the app stores login and hit play to watch a tutorial. 

Walk or run and get rewarded for your efforts. Once you receive a badge to unlock a challenge you can gain points for correct answers and climb up the live leaderboard.

You could also use this game as a great way to raise money for a charity.

a steps challenge that can be made bespoke to you

We can provide you with a generic game that has a set route on the map or you can let us know the route you would like. 

Maybe you have offices all over the globe and would like the challenges to be based locally and on a subject relating the that location/office.

All of this is possible and a great fun way to engage and incorporate a healthy learning tool for your staff.

(These routes are virtual so you are not actually walking along them in real life!)

the more you walk or run the more awards you will receive

Travel as far as you can each day to gain valuable badges and open a series of fun challenges.

We can set the steps required to any distance and use this to extend the duration of the game.

complete interactive challenges and rise up the leaderboard with your team

During the game you will experience a whole range of fun challenges from trivia to interactive games and photographic tasks.

With the main aim of the game to keep walking and rack up your steps the fun is also in the challenges.

Gain points as you go and climb up a live global leaderboard.

We can provide a weekly report to show the distance players have walked and also the scores they have in relation to the distance covered.

Group your players in teams or even regions for a combined score and even more competition!