globe trotters

work as a team to travel the globe and solve clues

Globe Trotters is an indoor game heavily focused on team work, skill sets and competition!

Travel the world with your team and be the first to stamp your passport back home.

Hosted by our onsite event manager and utilising our interactive app we will set teams a series of cunning clue based tasks that require a high level of investigation, information sharing and problem solving skills.

Onsite Event Manager

iPads Provided

Groups Of 20 Upwards

45 – 90 Minutes

So how does it work?

Globe Trotters is a fully managed indoor game with an experienced host. 

Players will be split into teams of 5 and require a table to work on.

Using the internet as your friend your team must research specific information in order to crack clues and travel virtually around the globe.

Your teams brief is to fill your digital passport and visit all the countries on your travel plan before the time runs out!

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Investigate locations around the globe

Tasked with a briefing sheet full of clues the team must communicate clearly and share crucial information with the rest of the team. These clues relate to the location you are virtually visiting within our app.

Teams are tasked with researching the internet via websites such as Wikipedia, YouTube, Social Media and What3Words to name a few. 

Once a team has cracked the clues relating to that location they can then progress within the game and continue to travel the globe whilst gaining points as they go.


complete challenges themed to the location

Each location that the team researches will reveal interactive tasks that have to be completed in order to gain access the the next.

Careful and precise research must be carried out before attempting these tasks as the timer will run out!

Teams will still be able to progress in the game if they do not complete these however they will not receive any points which is ultimately how the game is won!

collect your passport stamp for bonus points

Teams that successfully complete all the tasks at their current location will receive a passport stamp and bonus points crucially needed  if they want to win!