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For the ultimate team day out choose Go Ultimate!

From the moment you begin this amazing treasure hunt you will be aware that your day is about to get very very exciting! Designed to be the ultimate in corporate treasure hunts Go Ultimate involves a host of adrenaline filled experiences that will wow your guests on a serious scale. Check out a previous case study here.

With a host of vehicles at your disposal including Mini Coopers, helicopters and speed boats you will find your self involved in a treasure like no other as you navigate your way around the local area hunting for treasure and clues.

Using our iPads and heavily interactive app your team will need to not only locate as many challenges as possible but also report to the helicopters or boats in time or you could risk loosing out on some extreme fun and valuable extra tasks!

  • Navigation

    GPS Navigation
  • Easy To Use
  • Loads of great interactive challenges

    Great Challenges
  • Special Tasks

    Select Special Tasks
  • Check your scores in real time!
    Real Time Scores
  • i Robot

    Escape the Hunter!
  • correct image

    Answer Feedback
  • chat with other team

    Message Teams
  • Scan for QR codes

    Find QR Codes
  • Virtual Coins

    Find Virtual Coins
  • scavenger hunt tasks

    Scavenger Tasks
  • Augmented Reality

In teams or 4 or 5 you will be briefed at the start of the day and provided with the keys to your Mini Cooper and a list of report times along with a dead line to complete your mission. Only the teams who plan their route and keep a strict eye on the time will succeed here as this is a test of team work as well as an action packed experience.

With the flexibility of our app and great range of challenges that can be implemented into your event we can easily bespoke the treasure hunt to include lots of great features based on your company brand or messages.

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Features, challenges, clues and much more!

Treasure Hunt app

This treasure hunt can be held in a number of locations throughout the UK however we recommend an out of town venue to provide more flexibility and better treasure hunting experience. As for duration we can make the event last for however long you require although again we recommend a minimum of 4 hours depending on our group size and location.

If you want to treat your most valued staff or clients then this is probably one of the best ways to show off and reward your guests with what is a very memorable experience for all!

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