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When you just need that little bit more!

  • Guests  – 60

  • Location – London

  • Format – Go Ultimate

  • Included – Cable Cars, Black Cabs & Speed Boats

  • Duration – 4Hrs

the ultimate day out!

“We are looking for an action packed activity in London for a highly motivated group” These were the words from a potential new client and a brief we knew would be perfect for Go Ultimate!

After speaking in depth with the client we quickly became aware of the need to create an event that would wow the guests on the day and provide a non-stop action packed experience.

The budget for the event was good and ultimately the more the client could cram into the afternoon the better. This was the perfect brief for our Go Ultimate format.

The Ultimate Format

The plan was to start the event from the Sunborn London Yacht Hotel  which is an amazing venue to begin an adventure. The huge super yacht is moored up next to the London ExCel and perfectly located just 5 minutes walk from the first part of the adventure. This being a cable car flight over the Thames to the O2 arena!

The plan was for our clients to head off from the super yacht and jump onto the Emirates Air Line with breathtaking views of the city and also complete GPS challenges whilst hanging in the air!

Once the teams landed safely at North Greenwich Pier they would be greeted by our staff for stage 2. This stage was to be an adrenalin pumping speed boat ride down the Thames at high speed before docking off at Embankment pier.

We have a partnership with the guys at Thames Rockets so planing this stage was easy and we knew they would get the teams excited before they even set off.

From boats to taxis!

The sight of 5 bright red speed boats all zooming down the Thames at top speed like something out of a Bond movie would be an amazing spectacle and ride!

So what would they do when the teams got to Embankment? How about a fleet of 12 private hired black cabs of course!

The race would now be set to grab a taxi and head off on the main treasure hunting element of the day. The route created would incorporate some of the most famous London landmarks and places of interest. The route map would also contain a mixture of questions about the area, photo and video tasks, mini games and hidden treasure at each of the locations.

The taxi element of the day would be planned to last up to 3 hours with the teams concluding the event at a swanky bar for the results and slide show of the photos and videos taken by the teams.


The next 3 hours was to be a frantic but well organised chaotic mix of people running around scanning codes, taking photos and answering questions. Teams could also interact with other teams if they found special power ups which could be sent to another team to disable their iPad!

The real time leader board within our app gave players a chance to keep an eye on the ever changing scores and an edge on the competition when using the gadgets.

As with all our events the game concluded with a slideshow of the best photos taken by all the teams and an uplifting awards ceremony where the top team received their gold medals.