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venue exploration & bespoke experiences

If you have an event that requires indoor activity to brighten up a mundane conference or require a fun way to explore a venue then Go Indoors is a perfect solution.

Our super clever software can be used in various applications for indoor events which creates a completely new experience for conferences, indoor team building sessions and interactive venue tours.

Onsite Event Management

Perfect For Groups Of 20 – 1000 or more

Use Your Event Related Content to enhance the game

With the use of QR codes we can create an event that is not only bespoke to your requirements and content but also a fantastic fun way to promote your business and brand.

However if you are just looking for a fun session to get the guests running around and competing in a frantic interactive indoor trail we can do this as well.

We have used this format on many occasions to great success for clients looking to fill 1-2 hours within a conference day to wake the delegates up and promote a fun activity without the need to leave the building.

The size of your venue does not affect the event however the more space we have the more fun your guests will have!

No space too small for the event to run

QR codes as seen to the left are placed around your venue at various hard to find but visible locations. Once the teams locate the QR codes they simply scan the code through our app and a question or challenge is prompted on the iPad screen.

As with all our events a live leaderboard is available for the teams to check at anytime throughout the game and teams can attack the other teams tablets to disable them for a short period of time if the competition are beating them!

Simple Yet Effective With Huge Fun Factor!

Imagine your guests running around scanning codes, answering brand or conference message related questions along with crazy photo challenges and competing to be the best. All this is possible without limitation and an amazing way to do something different at your next event.

Go Indoors is an excellent activity requiring nothing but a team of 3-5 people and our iPads along with your venue space to create a seriously fun energetic activity at a conference or exhibition. Not only will it be fun your guests will also be learning at the same time!

There are so many ways that we can use the activity to enhance your event so please contact the Cluego team and we will be more than happy to chat through the possibilities with you and create a tailored package. Alternatively if you are looking for a spot of evening entertainment then check out our quiz night as well.


  • Setup Time = 15 Minutes With Zero Disruption
  • Up To 1.5 Hrs Event Duration
  • Option For Additional Bespoke Content
  • Onsite Event Manager
  • iPads Provided
  • App Branding Included
  • Medals For The Top Team!
  • Guaranteed Fun!



Our treasure hunts are not just a walking quiz, even more interaction is included with puzzles and games that are located around the local area activated via GPS.

All these challenges can be customised and branded to your company on request. These are just a few examples of what to expect.


A magic words game which can be custom to your brand from Cluego

Spin the wheels and match the words, it’s as simple as that!

Combine this game with anything relating to your company and you have a great learning tool.


A find the pairs game which can be custom to your brand from Cluego

Test your memory and beat the clock as you tap the squares to find the matching pairs.

Again a completely custom mini game that can be branded to your company.


A digital jigsaw which can be custom to your brand from Cluego

The pressure is on, can you complete the jigsaw before the timer runs out!

This game can be customised with an image of your own if required.

Fun Trivia

Unlock a question based challenge and answer a whole host of fun random trivia but keep an eye on the timer!


A missing words game which can be custom to your brand from Cluego

Tap the scrambled letters to fill in your answer before it’s too late!

Another great way to challenge teams with a question relating to their location or a subject.


A photos & video game which can be custom to your brand from Cluego

These are our favourite tasks, designed to bring out the creative side of your teams!

Tailored to create huge laughs these will all be shown at the end of your event 🙂