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Our super clever software can also be used in various applications for indoor scenarios which creates a completely new experience for conferences or indoor teambuilds.

If you have an event that requires an energiser or indoor activity to brighten up a mundane conference presentation then Go Indoors is a perfect solution to excite your delegates and create a competitive edge to the day!

With the use of QR codes and iBeacons we can create an event that is not only bespoke to your requirements but also a fantastic fun way to promote your business and brand. However if you are just looking for a fun session to get the guests running around and competing in a frantic quiz based indoor trail we can do this as well.

We have used this format on many occasions to great success for clients looking to fill 1-2 hours within a conference day to wake the delegates up and promote a fun activity without the need to leave the building. The size of your venue does not affect the event however the more space we have the more fun your guests will have!


QR codeQR codes as seen to the left are placed around your venue at various hard to find but visible locations. Once the teams locate the QR codes they simply scan the code through our app and a question or challenge is prompted on the iPad screen. As with all our events a live leaderboard is available for the teams to check at anytime throughout the game and teams can attack the other teams tablets to disable them for a short period of time if the competition are beating them!


iBeacons (a small device which emits a signal to the iPad just like GPS) on the other hand are slightly more sneaky as these are hidden within boxes or furniture and only activate when the players are within a certain distance. These Beacons work the same way as the QR codes but are harder to find so again adding to the fun and frantic competitive nature of the game.

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Imagine your guests running around scanning codes, activating beacons, answering brand or conference message related questions along with crazy photo challenges and competing to be the best. All this is possible without limitation and an amazing way to do something different at your next event.

Go Indoors is an excellent activity requiring nothing but a team of 3-5 people and our iPads along with your venue space to create a seriously fun energetic activity at a conference or exhibition. Not only will it be fun your guests will also be learning at the same time!

There are so many ways that we can use the activity to enhance your event so please contact the Cluego team and we will be more than happy to chat through the great possibilities with you. Alternatively if you are looking for a spot of evening entertainment then check out our quiz night as well.

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