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Beep Beep! Taxi for team 1!

Leave your offices or hotel with one of our friendly cabbies and head off on a city adventure like no other as you embark on a high tech taxi treasure hunt where only the best will succeed!

Equipped with an iPad loaded with the Cluego treasure hunt app and the knowledge from our London Black Cab drivers your team will take on a fantastic, exciting and fast paced taxi treasure hunt. Save your legs as we take you around the city in the search for clues and challenges that incorporate a great new way to see the city and have fun at the same time.

A Great Way To Hunt The City

London provides us with a vast playground for treasure hunts and with the added taxi power your event can take on a new level of fun as you speed around the city completing photographic stunts and opening question related tasks via GPS hot spots.

  • Navigation

    GPS Navigation
  • Easy To Use
  • Loads of great interactive challenges

    Great Challenges
  • Special Tasks

    Select Special Tasks
  • Check your scores in real time!
    Real Time Scores
  • i Robot

    Escape the Hunter!
  • correct image

    Answer Feedback
  • chat with other team

    Message Teams
  • Scan for QR codes

    Find QR Codes
  • Virtual Coins

    Find Virtual Coins
  • scavenger hunt tasks

    Scavenger Tasks
  • Augmented Reality

See The Best Sites Of London

With so many historical and interesting locations around London Go taxi provides you with a challenging and competitive way to  experience a team away day or fun day out of the office entertaining clients or staff.

Long gone are the days of past treasure hunts where Polaroid cameras, paper based maps and boring pamphlets took you on a wild goose chase. Technology has driven this great activity into the future with tablet based treasure hunts leading the way for modern day city team building.

Interact More With Our Custom Puzzles

  • front-page-mini-game-2
    Match The Pairs
  • front-page-mini-game-5
    Digital Jigsaws
  • front-page-mini-game-4
    Match The Words
  • front-page-mini-game-1
    Missing Letters
  • balance-png
    Wibble Wobble

GPS hot spots, creative challenges, real time scores and lots more!

A Real Treasure Hunt

A Treasure Hunt Needs A Hunt For Treasure! Hidden around the route within certain challenges are special virtual items that you must collect to open specific treasure chests. Only when you find the correct items for example the rusty key for the old chest will the old chest open and provide you with another item to continue the quest!

On the map will be an X to mark the spot where the treasure is buried. The first team to open the last chest and receive the spades to dig up the treasure will win a huge points bonus!

Fun Guaranteed!

If you are looking for a fun way to fill an afternoon or morning within central London then choose Go taxi and we guarantee you will have a fantastic time and superb alternative to other activities available within the city.

Our clients are always commenting positively on the friendly cabbies and our professional management of this London taxi treasure hunt. If you want a successful impressive event then choose Cluego as we have over 20 years experience in providing treasure hunts from when they were a simple paper based hunt up to the modern day high tech versions.

Grab Your Teams iPad And Jump In Your Taxi!

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