I-QuiZ - Remote and Live Format

New remote quiz show!

More than ever before we need to keep employees engaged and upbeat due to the current situation with Covid-19 and remote working. 

We have created a simply brilliant system that includes all the great features of our normal live quiz show but provided remotely through video conferencing. 

Simply download our app to your smart phone or iPad at home and play the quiz just like you would on a live show but from the comfort of your own home. 

You can still interact with your colleagues and our host and compete to be the best at our quiz!

all the same fun as our normal live show

All the usual excitement and atmosphere of our live show however it is provided over a video conference call with our professional host.

All you have to do is scan the QR codes as they appear on the hosts background and your question or challenge will activate on your phone or iPad.

packed full of great features and challenges

take a game face selfie and join the show!

its not all standard questions

Multiple choice questions that can be configured to your own content.

Tap the correct letters to spell your answer.

Test your memory skills!

Solve a jigsaw puzzle before the time runs out.

Spin the wheel to match the words.

Random fun games all of which can be bespoke to you.

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Our live quiz for when we are not locked down!

Is the Best Interactive Quiz Ever

iquiz is our other fantastic alternative to an outdoor event and so much more than just a pub quiz!

If all you want is a frantic and extremely competitive fun packed 90 minutes then our iquiz format is just the ticket.

We can provide our quiz at any venue anywhere in the world you request and at a time to suit you. We provide the iPads, host and audio visual equipment you provide the booze!

Based on our quiz software teams will answer questions and complete challenges via an iPad sent instantly from the quiz master. And it’s not just all about the usual boring pub quiz questions!

No More Boring Quiz Rounds!

Each quiz round will have a selection of fun and interesting questions as well as some very challenging puzzle and memory based games all programmed within our app.

There is a chance for the top 3 fastest answering teams to get bonus points and a real time leader board shown on the projector screen will keep everyone updated.

There is also a function within the quiz game to send spoilers to other teams iPads and effect their screens during the quiz.

Office based events can also include crazy micro tasks like running off to the photocopier for a special task or a rubber band shoot out!

Include Your Own Rounds

Our host can provide a graph to show how the teams answered each question/challenge which can provide a useful learning tool when combined with bespoke content from a client.

We can use this for audience feedback during a conference or for any scenario you require.

Options for additional fun activities during the quiz show can also include generation game show style challenges and Bingo!

If you are stuck for ideas on what to do for your next office party then look no further and give us a call today!

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Designed For Maximum Fun

This could be the perfect cost effective solution you need for your office Christmas party.

iquiz is ideal for conferences, office parties or any venue you wish.