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add a splash of extra fun!

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a real adrenaline adventure!

If chasing clues on foot around London is not enough then why not add the adrenaline rush of power boats to the mix!

Start on foot and make your way to the speedboats!

Go boat is a mixture of fast pace clue finding on land with the added extreme fun factor of racing up and down the London Thames during a rib treasure hunt searching for extra challenges and thrill seeking fun!

Onsite Event Management 

iPads Provided

Chartered Speed Boats

4 Hr Event Duration

Message Teams

Sabotage Teams

Interactive Characters

Winners Medals

Speed, Thrills And Deadlines!

Race off from your start location and complete as many of the land based tasks as possible before a rendezvous at the speed boats.

Set with a deadline, teams must arrive at the London docks or miss out on a great water based experience!

Once arriving at the pier (normally The London Eye, however other London piers are available) your team will jump onto a private chartered speed boat holding 12 guests at a time and blast down the Thames.

A truly unforgettable day out in London!

Driven By GPS Technology

As with all our treasure hunts Go Boat incorporates GPS technology with hot spots that only reveal your challenge once you have arrived so you will never know what is to expect until you reach the location.

This is a great way to keep the competition flowing and your teams hunting through London harder and faster for victory!

You can chat with all the other teams on your rib treasure hunt and even track them as they zoom up the Thames and disable their iPads for a brief period of time if you think they are at a challenge!


A Treasure hunt needs a hunt for treasure! Hidden around London within some challenges are special virtual items that you must collect to unlock specific challenges.

Only when you find the correct items for these challenges will they provide you with another item to continue the quest!

On the map of London there will be a ‘super’ challenge that can only be unlocked once you have all the required items. The first team to open this challenge will win a huge points bonus!

The Best Experience You Can Have In London

This rib treasure hunt usually lasts for a duration of 4 hours however we can extend or reduce the time to suit your plans for the day so please brief us on your plan and we will fit the event around you.

You can also start the event from your offices if in London or any where else that you require as with all our treasure hunts they are totally flexible and bespoke to you.

If you are looking to impress your best clients or wow your staff with a fantastic reward then this is a great choice and one treasure hunt you will be telling everyone about!


  • 1 x Speed Boat Per 12 Guests
  • Option For Additional Bespoke Content, Routes And Custom Games
  • Start & End From A Venue Of Your Choice
  • Onsite Event Manager
  • iPads Provided
  • 3.5-4 Hour Event
  • App Branding Included
  • Event Images And Videos SlideShow
  • Medals For The Top Team!
  • Guaranteed Fun!
London Only