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Go Bike as we are sure you can work out is our fantastic bicycle treasure hunt format. What a great way to get around your chosen location and keep fit at the same time as having fun!

Lets face it, exercise can be a real drag at times but mix bikes with our super interactive and competitive treasure hunts and you have a winning formula for fun!

Not every location is ideal for Go Bike however if you have a local park or venue with bags of grounds and open tracks or safe roads then this format could be ideal for your group. We have provided this format in many areas before and even cities like London having Regents or Hyde Park available are more than adequate for a 3 hour event.

As with all our events teams are provided with iPads loaded with our amazing app that works on GPS technology. Now, reading an iPad and trying to cycle at the same time is not advised and obviously against the rules so back packs are provided!

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Each team will receive a laminated version of the apps map and challenge locations so that they can attach it to their bike. Once at the challenge location and safely off the bikes guests are then allowed to take the iPads out of the back packs and complete the challenges on foot.

Clever planning of the route will win overall and allow your team to gain the most points before the deadline runs out. Bad map reading on the static laminated map could land you in big trouble and way off track!

You can provide your own bikes or we can include this in the package so please do let us know your plans and we will create the perfect event anywhere in the UK or abroad!

For a more detailed description of how the game works please take a look here.

Grab Your Helmet & Go Bike!

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On Your Event Day

Event management


All our treasure hunts are fully managed by an experienced event team on the day.

Event Briefings


Sit back and let us explain everything to your guests before they take part.



Everyone needs a goal and all our events come with a prize for the top team!

Need a venue?


We can suggest a start and end location for your event if required.

Bespoke Options


Looking for a little something special ? We can create a bespoke event just for you.



All our treasure hunts come with maximum fun by default!.

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