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Our events are your events and can be totally bespoke to you if required. Don’t think of Cluego as just another treasure hunt company, think of us as an innovative and fun event company providing a platform for you and your guests to learn, build relationships and ultimately have a great day out of the office.

We are constantly improving our tablet treasure hunts to provide an extremely interactive and enjoyable event that is cutting edge and very different from other team building days.

The iPads and app provide us with a platform that is very easy to use and designed for users of all abilities to understand after just a few minutes of play. With the use of GPS tablet technology the app includes a selection of challenges based at ‘Hot Spots’ which are only activated once you arrive within 20 meters of the location.

This is a great way to provide our tasks with an element of surprise as the players will not know what to expect until they stumble across the hot spot. These challenges can include multiple choice questions related to landmarks or photographic & video challenges that must be sent back to HQ for scoring.

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The app also includes the option to disable other teams iPads, chat with all the other players and see their scores on a real time leader board along with spying on their location. Qr codes can be scanned and augmented reality provides another great way to experience the outdoors in a fun and healthy environment.

The interactive map shows both standard and satellite views along with a ‘distance to go’ option enabling you to work out your attack plan and outwit the other teams. Oh and watch out for the iBot who roams the treasure hunt area looking for teams to steal points from!

All our tablet treasure hunt events are provided with the iPads, a host and event team to ensure you have a great day with us.

Take a look at the description of our app below which shows the main functions and features available to you on the day.


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