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Treasure Hunts For Team Building?

A team taking a selfie on a ClueGo Treasure Hunt

Want to know a bit more about the benefits of Treasure Hunts when merged with team building?

What is a Treasure Hunt?

In it’s most basic form; a Treasure Hunt is where you get a list of unusual items, tasks or challenges that need to be collected or completed and you or a team have to figure out how you can go about this.

Usually a Treasure Hunt has a time limit with the winners being those who have completed most taks, or sometimes it is simply the first person or team to have completed all tasks.

Human beings can get very creative and therefore the options for what a Treasure Hunt may ask you to do and how to do it are pretty endless.

What makes a Treasure Hunt great for Team Building ?

There are so many reasons why a scavenger hunt is a great activity for any group but it is especially great as a team building activity for work colleagues or friends.  Here are our top reasons:

– A Treasure hunt can take place anywhere in the world and at any time, making it a super flexible activity. 

– Make them virtual, Live or Hybrid!

– A Treasure Hunt can be played by a small group or large. From the very littlest of teams to the thousands!

– Treasure Hunts encourage having fun whilst fuelling those vital qualities such as problem solving and being creative.

– The concept of a Treasure Hunt is very simple so everybody can understand!

– Customizable and targeted fun if needed!

Why should we choose a GPS Treasure Hunt over a DIY one?

Treasure Hunts is something that has grown with our childhood. From Easter egg hunts to treasure maps in pirate games, we all have some knowledge on how to build our own Treasure Hunt. This doesn’t mean it’s the best way forward for your next team build. 

Although it may seem like the cheap and cheerful option, there are professionals out there such as ClueGo that can provide full experience packages that will exceed all your expectations and more. We provide a proven package that’s hassle and stress free! Meaning all you have to do is show up.

DIY packages cannot promise the desired outcome for your “Team building” activity. 


Why should we choose ClueGo over other event professionals? 

ClueGo honors itself on being the UK’s leading GPS Treasure Hunt company.

We are experts in what we do and nickname ourselves “the tailors of team building!” (Good right?)

We work with you one on one as we work to perfect your event. When booking with ClueGo, everything is taken into consideration. We ensure you have a stress free booking process which is brilliant for those of you who have been bundled the job of organising the event. With our team of event management professionals  – you’re in safe hands!

Did we mention we provide events all over the globe? So wether it’s in your offices or in 4 simultaneous countries.. we’ve got your back!

Looking To Book A Team Building Event?

Get your team together for non-stop fun and adventure!

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