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5 Ways to boost team morale

5 ways to boost morale

If you have clicked on this page, you are probably hunting down ideas on the internet for quick and efficient ways to boost team spirit. Perhaps your team is feeling a bit down in the dumps, you’ve noticed sale drops – or maybe you’re looking for a way to start on the right foot as employees return to normal paced life in an actual office environment.


It is important to start on the fact that – Team Building is a huge part of creating an efficient team. It is critical to those cogs of success, because after all, “No happy team = No happy work” which ultimately results in the downfall of the office, company and eventually your audience/consumers. 


Even if you believe that your team works well together, and they have great working relationships inside and outside the office, Team Building is a great way to prove it, it also is a huge reward for the constant efforts they make everyday. So not only can we look at team building as a productive boost event, but also as an award or a day out of the office for a well functioning team. 


Keep your group humming, Just because they work well – doesn’t mean it can stop. It’s about keeping that morale, Alive.


1.Show employees your appreciation.


Many offices work from top-down management, which refers to lead managers and employees. (teams). Sometimes, it can be easy for managers to forget to thank their teams. This isn’t because they aren’t thankful, but perhaps you haven’t taken time out of busy schedules and weeks to just appreciate the ones that work well.


It’s proven in studies that workforces that gain appreciation and words of thanks, are way more productive and high performing. When managers or leaders recognise the contributions of the team, it show they are far more engaged – all whilst creating that safe, friendly atmosphere.


Reflected with words of thanks, or maybe the odd box of donuts. This can also be shown off via team building. Pick the right events, (such as A Cluego Treasure hunt) and have fun! Days out are great ways to build that appreciation.


2. Know your team


It’s all good fun having people surrounding you that make the company tick, but knowing your teams first name and knowing your team well is two different things. Connect with each other, talk about life, make conversation! It makes the office feel so much more comfortable knowing there’s a healthy balance obtained. Don’t ignore the power of small gestures!


3. Speaking of balance..


Don’t let the negatives outrun the positives! Get yourself an even balance among everyone in the office. It helps people progress and work with peace of mind. Don’t drown yourself and your team in work and endless meetings, ensure that positive interactions always outweigh the negatives. This could create a very toxic environment and the office will suffer as a result!


4. “There’s no I in Team…”


Lead the team to greatness, use time, flexibility and good will to rebuild and keep the team humming along – for all the positive vibes you put out – the better it becomes and the more positive energy is reflected within the team. Obviously, lets not ignore that sometimes work has to be difficult. Perhaps a difficult task or maybe a gritty conversation. Let these happen, as sometimes it’s unavoidable, but do not allow it to become routine. Rebuild strong energy after.




Treat the team to days out, fun and quirky things that don’t spell out team building exactly.. But instead activities that outrole fun activities and have hidden team building behind it. 

Cluego hunts despite being advertised as a team building activity, is not only team strengthening but also FUN. We don’t build rafts or climb on each others shoulders, but instead we utilise the power of new team building methods to provide a fun and exciting day out.

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