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Why Choose ClueGo?

Calling all venues & agents! Are you an agent who’s client has asked for some unusual outdoor team building ideas? Or possibly you have a client that doesn’t want to hire an additional space for an activity? 

Maybe you work for a hotel that can’t have the activity in the main meeting room and all your other rooms are booked up. Or you need to suggest an activity to do outside of the room during a room change over? 

Well ClueGo are here to help with all of your team building needs! 

We have put together a list of reasons as to why booking with ClueGo will not only provide your client with a memorable inclusive experience, but how we can help make your life easier as an event organiser.

Our solutions to your problems –

  • First things first, we make life easy for you.  The ClueGo team will come to your venue of choice, set everything up, deliver the event and then leave the venue in exactly the same way as they found it. All we need is an iPad per team (which we provide) and a group ready to have a bit of competitive fun! 
  • Here at ClueGo, we operate on a low carbon footprint, we don’t leave any mess, your grass won’t be affected or ruined. We don’t need a big event space and we don’t need to bring giant inflatables that will ultimately create a disturbance to other guests or your venue.
  • We are a small team which means we are extremely dedicated, we pay attention to the smaller details and strive for a hands-on approach throughout all aspects of the planning process to the delivery of your event. We care about how each event goes, and want to make sure the participants come away from the event thinking about what a great time they’ve had. 
  • Another thing we pride ourselves on is being flexible. We can create bespoke content related to a company or a location, we create specific routes specifically tailored to your chosen location and we can even create a new game to suit your requirements!
  • Lastly, which we think is the most important part, the ClueGo team have been creating and delivering treasure hunts for over 20 years now, so rest assured you will be in very good hands! 
  • Treasure hunts are our bread and butter, on average we deliver events to 12,000 people per year and are committed to being the leaders in our field to create the best possible experience for our customers.

Check out our reviews as our clients feedback says it all 🙂

So why recommend a treasure hunt to your client?  

  • All of our events are fully hosted, which means you will always have an onsite events manager on hand throughout the event to help and support if needed


  • Our app is the most advanced on the market, with unique fun challenges including mini games, live score boards, messaging between teams and the ability to sabotage rival teams to name a few!


  • Whilst the app is super advanced, it is still very easy to understand and use. We can guarantee even your biggest technophobe colleague will have no trouble interacting with the app. 


  • And finally, we think Treasure hunts are the perfect team building activity. It gets you outdoors for a few hours, communicating with your colleagues you may not have met and above all it will boost the morale of a team.

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Get your team together for non-stop fun and adventure!

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