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Cluego Treasure Hunt Quick-fire Questions

Ahh, let’s bring back some of those memories of endless searching in the garden, tucked behind a tea-stained piece of paper that took us into endless hours of treasure hunt fun back in the day. 

At Cluego, we have taken that idea and transformed it into something completely fresh and invigorating that can be understood and played by any age group and/or any individual who strives for hours of fun. In this article, we will cover why our treasure Hunts are incomparable to any other team building activity on the market – and we promise. You won’t be let down.

Let’s have some quick fire questions.     


How do you play?

Forget paper based treasure hunts, it’s 2021! Our treasure hunts have had a makeover. Players play from 4G loaded devices that have everything they need and more. All the power lies in your hands. Your map, inventory, taunts and so much more is all awaiting you under one singular app. (Instead of carting around that big heavy backpack of hunting equipment) all you need on a Cluego Hunt is your iPad – which we supply for each team. Use the map to locate your hotspots, and activate them by walking into them. Your challenge will the pop up on the screen. 


What’s a hotspot? 

“Hotspots” is a keyword referring to icons on your map. Icons indicate challenges that are yet to be completed. Each challenge has a different icon style to show that is a “——- challenge” and there are about 6 different style challenges for you to complete. Photo tasks, trivia, jigsaws, pair games and so much more. Hotspots can be activated when you walk into them. They are GPS based and so in order to be opened, you have to be within the specific range of the challenge. 


Where can we play?

Cluego operates worldwide, meaning we can supply a treasure hunt at any location you desire. No where is too far. You decide your venues, meeting points and location and we will be there on the day ready to start and end your event from your desired location. 


How many can play?

As many as you like. The limit is endless.


Is it like a traditional treasure hunt, just modernised? 

 At Cluego, We make it exciting. Not only do we lap you round the most breathtaking sites but we also fill your map with jam-packed, fun-filled and laughter provoking challenges. From mind games to jigsaws, Trivia to hands-on photo tasks, We guarantee that there will be a talent for everyone in the group.  


What makes you different from other Treasure hunt providers?

Cluego is completely unique, we are the UK’s number one leading provider of GPS treasure hunts as a result. Instead of traditional pen and paper, we’ve swapped the ragged maps for iPads. Completely under the roof of just one app, there’s no need for texting or surrendering your notes app. Our app is easy to download and has everything you need and more.

So why should we do a treasure hunt over another team building event?

There’s so much on the market nowadays when it comes to team building. However, you can have my word when I tell you that most team building activities are built upon traditional techniques like lego building or toilet roll stacking. Treasure Hunts are a great corporate way of embracing every single member of your team, without the risk of being shown up. There’s something for everyone in our task list. So get everyone involved!

It’s also part of the new generation of Team Building, taking on the challenge with brand new technology on brand new devices, utilising incredible Augmented reality within our app. Teams will be blown away. 


Why should we choose Cluego?

We will be with you from the second you say go. From your enquiry all the way until the final second of your event. We put you and your event first, providing guidance and help where necessary. Our continuous support allows clients to feel at ease. 

We ensure your event goes 100% to your expectation and we guarantee that laughter and fun will absolutely pour from teams before, during and after. Get stuck in.

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