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A Fun Christmas Treasure Hunt From Cluego – Perfect for Team Building!

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The busy Christmas period

Despite the presents under the tree, the highly anticipated Christmas dinner and the surrounding of joy and festive fun – Christmas can be a busy time of year for all; Businesses especially.

Yes, you might be rushing around the supermarket for those last minute trimmings but if we think about corporate operations at Christmas time – do we ever really understand the stress it can cause? Busy periods in business such as Christmas Day can bring a lot of pressure to company workforces, causing some to breakdown or loose vital properties within the production line. 

Although at this time of year it can’t be prevented, and a week or so of continuous hard work may become necessary – It is important to realise that we can lessen the effects of this period by spreading gratitude and appreciation inside the workplace, and also using the opportunity to build those relationships in a way to appropriately end the year.

So that leads you here, how do you cope with morale around Christmas and other busy periods?

That’s where we come in.

Team building around Christmas and it’s benefits 

Team Building has proven its benefits all year round – with it’s ability to motivate and re-inspire, it acts as a rewarding activity that employees can indulge in whilst subconsciously incorporating brand awareness and company values. Not only this, but it is also a great way to show employees that you appreciate them and value the work they do. 

When busy periods begin to loom over, it’s a great opportunity to incorporate a relieving team building event in, It can act as a break for the week, or give time for employees to reflect. It acts as a reward, and a treat for employees to get out the office. And it also acts as motivator, as it reminds employees of the company values and the puzzle piece they play within the business.

What can we do?

Well, there’s lots on the market nowadays for Christmas team building; Firstly you need to think about your position. Are you going virtual or are you looking for a real life event? I would always encourage people to engage with real-life events, as they truly do have the power to impact an atmosphere and get everyone involved. This could also be particularly beneficial this year, as following the COVID pandemic, teams, who may not have previously met in person, could get together and build an in-person rapport. Although it is to be understood that this may not be possible for international companies – and virtual is much easier for these groups. 

At Cluego, we offer a unique service that is incomparable to any other team building providers out there. Our service is special to us and we do everything in our power to centralise the day about you. 

Cluego Christmas packages

Looking for something on foot? In the flesh? Great.

Our Christmas treasure hunt is all you will need to get the fun festivities flowing this year. Our 3hr event is fully hosted and managed from any venue you desire. We take the time to brief teams and get them to speed with our Christmas app before setting them free on a competitive 2:30 hour journey filled with over 100  skill based challenges; ranging from jigsaws to music games, picture tasks, trivia and so much more. Pub stops aren’t mandatory, but can be added and with Christmas just around the corner, what’s stopping you from a little eggnog now and then? 

You can then return to your designated end venue for a detailed points review and winning medal awards! 

You can also incorporate GoBoat and GoTaxi into this package – where you can scan the streets of London on wheels or skim along the thames in a boat!

Looking for something virtual?

Well, we don’t stop there; We’ve formulated a series of Christmas games that not only release endless festive fun but also form an interconnected bond among remote workers. Choose from our mastered selection of virtual games, Christmas or not. From 1 hour events to week-long ventures, there is something for everyone. 

Christmas virtuals; Our Festive challenge is a Cluego favourite and unlike any other event on the market. Take on 24 days of non-stop challenges via the power of our virtual advent calendar and compete with colleagues no matter their location on the globe. From gritty trivia to belly-laughing picture tasks – It’s a great way to round off the year. 

Or, our festive iQuiz is another great way of gathering the team remotely for a fun filled 90 minutes with interactive games and quiz rounds that get the blood pumping and adrenaline flowing. 

Not feeling Festive?

And let’s not rule out the others, If your company does not celebrate Christmas or maybe you’re looking for a general Virtual challenge. Our Globe trotters is a particular favourite for international companies whilst Step It Up and GoRemote are great activities for week long competitive gain… If you have that competitive streak in you, that is. 

There is something for everyone at Cluego – No matter your situation. You can call on a member of our experienced events team for advisories, answers or demonstrations whenever. Give us a call on 0333 577 0024 or pop an email on

Looking To Book A Team Building Event?

Get your team together for non-stop fun and adventure!

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