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Working from home or Back to work? Team building options.


The multiple situations you and your company might be in:

It’s been a long 16 months for companies around the world during the COVID19 crisis and it seems as though some days we are far from the end. With teams separated and working remotely, some companies saw a decline in sales and workforces whilst others strived at their new working environment from the comfort of their desks. Either way, it’s been a difficult but different year for every singular company worldwide. 


If there’s one thing we can all agree on though, is that we’ve seen tremendous growth and success among covid cases, with the UK’s case exposure dropping by over 10,000 in the past 5 days alone. 


It’s with this information and other growing preventatives such as vaccinations and social distancing that the UK finally released it’s last lockdown bar on the 14th July, ultimately opening up “normal life” once again. 


Whilst some companies have decided to keep their workforce at home, others have brought back office lifestyle and daily lunchtime Starbucks runs as a result of the lockdown lift as we all try to merge back into our 9-5 routines. 


For some though, as discussed – there is a huge division between employees working at home and some in the workplace, with over 66% of UK companies deciding to keep a split and just under 73% wanting to  work from home completely. 


With all these different workplace variants in mind, it becomes difficult to organise and get the team together for social events let alone team building events. 


Varying opinions:

I’d like to argue that in some ways Lockdown lifestyle has encouraged teams to stay strong, and ultimately tested the values and relationships of a company as they all separate to their own individual responsibilities. Team building activities may have been neglected through lockdown and queued up for the “big reunion” when realistically, lockdown itself was a huge team building test as to how well the company can perform remotely. 


As we make these strives back into normal life, It becomes more apparent that companies are looking to motivate and inspire their employees via team building activities to help that transition back into the office but are finding it difficult to bridge the gap between the two choices on the plate with employees. Remote team building or Live action? 


Well, here’s where options come in; THE REALITY IS, team building is accessible at all times, whether you’re in the office or not. There are options and opportunities available for everyone.


Team building for “back to work”:

Great! You got your team back together in a clean and covid friendly environment, allowing employees to work together once again and mingle in the space. Well, Team building is on the cards. The benefits of team building in this situation is that you are reintroducing employees to their new working environment, (which still remains a lot different to how it did before). Allowing them to get together and form that physical relationship again, catch up and also build those company values that may have been led astray in the chaos of the past months. 


Team building for “work from home”:

Is still possible! Some thought that; just because you were apart, doesn’t mean you could stay together. 


The power of technology these days have allowed us to make these virtual connections, which means this is applicable to team building too! At Cluego, we offer a range of remote games that were created specifically to break the typical quiz stigma but instead create an app that was rammed of funny, engaging and challenging tasks for everyone. 


A split workforce:

It’s not harder just because half of your team is at home and half is in the office, This is where the beauty of a hybrid event comes into play. An event that follows the same values from either perspective of the team, Offices can play together and engage fully as a team whilst Home working can value the remote aspect of gameplay and still feel involved with the rest. At Cluego, we can twist our games for this sort of thing, Making Treasure hunts accessible for everyone, home or not. We also have great virtual tasks that can be incorporated. 


Moral of the story is, Team building isn’t off the cards. It’s very much here to stay and is a vital part of the company. If you’re looking for that boost, or for striving for success, then the key to this is a healthy workforce.


 Team building can help with that. Cluego can help with that.

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