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Team Building in the New Year

Start the new year with a bang.


Ah, New year, new me – that’s what they say right? 


We all want to start the New Year in the best way we can, on the best foot. Ensuring we at least stick to our New Year resolutions for the first month if we can. A lot of the time, we look at New Year as a celebration and reflection of the previous year, where we consider all we are grateful for and how we have progressed that year – all whilst taking in an opportunity to start fresh and restart the New Year with a clear head.


Well, it’s the same with business and corporate affairs. It is important to reflect on the successes and failures of a company at the end of the year, as it gives a great reflection into how you can improve and progress forward. Most businesses in the New Year use this as evidence to support their resolutions and aims for the future. 


It can vary company to company, but aims and objectives are normally something we are greeted with in our “Back-to-work” meeting. Where we review our part to play and how we can help the company achieve the new goals set in place – This is normally a yearly thing, but as we all know, we can sometimes get distracted and our New Year resolutions can often become stale.


However, it’s not always the case. Keep resolutions fresh and busy all year round by keeping the company’s rotation healthy. It’s about motivating your workforce, keeping them busy and interested, keeping office atmospheres safe and creating a healthy environment for workplace relationships. 


Whilst it can become relatively easy throughout the year to do this, such as – staff rewards, company experience days, team building and consistent feedback. It can be hard to actually get the ball moving. 


Statistically, over 45% of companies have agreed that the first 3 months of their New Year is significantly less performative than the rest of the year. Don’t worry, the blame isn’t completely your fault, the time of year is very quiet for all, and is usually just the way the year falls. 


But it is also statistically proven that by starting the year off right, can remotivate and boost your team into action, and what better way to do it than a fun filled, engaging and cost effective team build.


At Cluego, we pride ourselves on what we do, and we have the ability to change your gloomy looming January into an upbeat opportunity for success. Whether it be through one of our immersive virtual events or our top rated on foot Treasure hunts – We ensure that you get off on the right track and create a great start to your New Year.

So what are the choices?


Take a look round our website for endless opportunities and to find what best suits you. 


Our Virtual Recommendations:


Globe Trotters

An immersive 90 minute game filled with fun that takes players all around the globe virtually through the power of the internet. Unlock clues, and trot around the internet finding facts and fiction that will lead you through the different countries. Ensure to rack up points through getting correct answers and being the fastest!


Escape room

We provide two escape room experiences all done from the comfort of your computer screen. Hack your way through the levels in your designated teams, the fastest team to escape – wins!



A week long event that takes place all from your own device. Every single day has the opportunity for a new challenge and a new way to earn points, with players having to complete up to 5 new challenges everyday remotely. From trivia to photo tasks, jigsaws to memory game, you’ll have to be snappy! 


Our on Foot events



Take to the streets in our top rated on foot treasure hunt. We can take you everywhere and anywhere in the world, you just pick a place! This 3hr jam packed event is perfect for those thrill seekers looking to do something different and something that will keep the office chatting months after. Our Treasure Hunts are rammed with multiple challenges that will keep you busy!



Looking for something extra? Take on the Treasure Hunt GoUrban with an additional thrill seeking boat ride down the Thames. As you blast your way off, gain points and climb your way to the leaderboard.


There’s something for everyone.


Looking To Book A Team Building Event?

Get your team together for non-stop fun and adventure!

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