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Organising Your Treasure Hunt

So you like the look of a Cluego treasure hunt and you want to go ahead.  What happens next?

To get the most from your treasure hunt there a few things to consider first and to help you plan your day we have  created a little guide to help you along the way.

When to run your treasure hunt.

Different times of year offer different experiences for your group. The most popular time of the year is from March to December, there’s nothing like a day in the sunshine visiting interesting sights and learning amazing facts. However different seasons offer lots of theme opportunities.

  • Easter offers the chance to hunt for Easter eggs, visit chocolate shops and try some amazing flavours.
  • Major Sporting events can lend a theme for your event.
  • Halloween can see teams dressed as zombies or zombie hunters working the streets trying to use their “Brainnnnsssss”


Where to run your treasure hunt.

There’s no doubt about it London is a top treasure hunt location with an almost endless variety of amazing buildings, statues, art and history.

However we have treasure hunts written all over the UK and Birmingham or Stratford Upon Avon are a great choice if your guests are coming from all over the UK. Why restrict yourself to just one city as we can also run our events at the same time in different locations.

If we haven’t written a package for your chosen location than we can write one and provide a totally bespoke service.  Whether it be full day in Istanbul or a just an hour at a country house hotel, we can create a unique experience for you and your team.

If a large busy city is not your ideal location then you can choose a more rural option, the Cotswolds for instance offer some magical gems.

Go Urban our on foot treasure hunt is the most cost effective option although this can be easily upgraded and enhanced. We offer you a chance to mix up your transport options to include Taxis, Minis, Buses, Canoes, Helicopters, Ribs and even Segways.  In fact as long we can provide the transport at your chosen location we will find a way of making it work for you.

Tanks anyone?


Group dynamics on the treasure hunt.

Have a think about who will be coming on the treasure hunt, are they a feisty group of physical education instructors? No? Then go easy on them. Three hours walking around the sights of London is about enough for most people. 5-6 six hours in cars is perfectly fine as there are lots of stops on route.

For those that are super fit the beauty of our treasure hunt app is that it can also be used as an orienteering exercise. Wales have some amazing sites including some very high mountains.

Overseas visitors might struggle with some of the questions so it’s important to be sure that we have English speaking guests in the event group.

We cater for people of all abilities just let us know about any specific requirements and we will do our very best to make sure everyone is involved.


Choosing a place to start/end your treasure hunt.

We have researched some great venues where we can start and finish your treasure hunt. Pubs are great for small groups but hotels and conference venues are also perfect for larger parties.

Don’t feel you have to finish where you start, you could start in Brighton and finish in Glasgow if you wanted!

We like to display the photos and videos taken during the treasure hunt  at the end of the event so it’s good to choose a venue that has the facilities for this as well.

We can start from your office, issue your teams with iPads and transport if required and send them on their way. Teams can meet up for lunch (at a lovely country pub) and then continue on their adventure finishing at the conference hotel or weekend retreat, your choice of options is endless.

If you are planning on a full day treasure hunt with us we can arrange everything for you to be included en route. For example we could include a bacon sandwich and cup of tea in the Bridge Cafe in Acton, famous  for being the losers cafe in The Apprentice!

Lunch can be picnic baskets that have to be recovered or we could hot up the competition by sending the half time leaders to the Ivy, the middle teams to Bella Pasta and McDonalds and the losers to the Bridge so they can ponder their failings.

These are all ideas but designed to get you thinking about how great your treasure hunt could be with a few original ideas thrown in!


Dressing for the occasion.

A lot of clients like to keep team building activities a surprise which is fine, but you will need to ensure that the participants are fully prepared for the day ahead. Winter is without doubt the most challenging, but as long as people dress up warm and bring waterproofs then they won’t even notice.

Summer comes with its own problems so we always recommend sunscreen and bottles of water. For certain activities we will provide suitable clothing, in particular Ribs (Ridged Inflatable Boats). Simply make people aware that they will be spending the day in the elements and to dress for the weather conditions on the day.


A treasure hunt for all budgets.

If you are on a lower budget then pick a pre-written package from our wide selection ( contact us for more information ) and choose Go Urban. We can arrange a start and finish location that will provide a room for free on the understanding that you buy a few drinks for everyone at the bar.

Adding  vehicles will increase the cost of the event unless you provide your own. Limos provide surprising value as they can hold teams of eight. Minis are great but restrict team sizes to three, four or five.

Catering is also an extra, though we are happy to help make arrangements with restaurants. Adding experiences can really make an event memorable, your teams could taste chocolate at a fine chocolatiers, try on some amazing perfumes and aftershaves, or loose some arrows at an archery club, again the list is endless.

To put it simply the more you include the more it will cost but sometimes for less than you may think. It’s often better to tell us your budget and allow us to build an event to fit your event spend. That way we will give you the best possible package and value for money in order to provide your guests with a fantastic day.


Why Treasure hunts?

Because the options are endless. Try not to think of it as a treasure hunt and more of an adventure.

In its most simple form your teams will see sights that they never knew about before and learn something about them. At its most complex it’s a journey into the unknown, one that can include amazing experiences and opportunities.


Cluego is a frame from which you can build your event around, be creative and we will make it come to life.

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