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multi city - CASE STUDY

An effective plan for international teams

  • Guests  – 50

  • Location – UK – Spain – Malta ( Teams all playing the same game simultaneously) 

  • Format – Go Urban – Multi City Game 

  • Included – Remote Host with iPads delivered

  • Duration – 2 Hours

A team building event around the globe!

3 cities in 3 countries

Our great software has no limitations so when this client was looking for a game over multiple cities at the same time, we were all ears!

This option opens up endless opportunities for business with offices all over the world to play the same game and where time allows at the same time.

When Ricston came to us looking to entertain their staff for Christmas over three countries, Malta, Spain and the UK. We were very happy to help.

Firstly, this was going to be a Christmas event, so we settled on our latest Christmas themed game. One that had them as helpful elves collecting virtual presents that could be dropped off at virtual trees over the map.

Our first job was to set out the playing areas, they needed to be a similar in size in order to keep things fair. We took the smallest city (Valetta) and plotted the playing area and then dropped it again on Saville and London. 


meeting the budget

It’s not unusual for us to add unique bespoke content into an event and this one was no exception. We created a mixture of questions and thrilling puzzle challenges that were then triplicated so they would be in each city.

Usually we only offer a fully event managed event service. This would mean sending one of our staff to each of the three cities. This wasn’t in the client’s budget and so we needed to come up with another way for the teams to be briefed and equipped.

It was agreed that the briefing would be done through a conference app allowing our event manager to share the screen and cover any questions.

The client hired the iPads locally and we supplied our incredible software.

the big day

We were hosting the event from London where we had one team as did Spain, Malta had four teams. As games were exactly the same each team had the same opportunities to win points.

Because the teams were playing in the same game they could see each other on the map, message them, send all the gadgets etc. This created a very inclusive feel. This is what Team building is all about!

As the timer ran down our event manager ensured that the teams returned to their end locations and when everyone was back, we shared the video formed from the challenges all the teams had performed. It was comedy gold!

After this the scores were announced, and winners rewarded.


This was a very interesting project for us. It stretched our problem solving and creativity. The result was a slick package delivered with the cooperation of a client who had the imagination to see the potential.

As result of its success we were invited to repeat the event using a different package the following year 🙂

In a world where business have offices all over the globe bringing teams together to participate in the same event can result in huge expense and hundreds of thousands of air miles. A multi city package would open up the opportunity for teams to participate together without the need to travel half way across the world.

To add to that, We can run one of our amazingly unique games over several days and over any distance. We have the ability to create something really special that you and your team will love.