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ClueGo - the csi experience

be part of a Crime scene investigation

Are you looking to put your team under pressure and test their individual key skills?

There has been an incident in the immediate area and it is now down to you to solve the case!

Can any one team crack the case or will it need all need to come together and share their successes to complete the headline task?

Prepare for an immersive and high energy event where you will learn new skills and become a team focussed on success.

CSI team building

A fully inclusive team building event

An all-inclusive event that by design and default promotes a collaborative approach to resolving problems against ever changing time constraints and evolving situations.

Each delegate needs be actively involved to vindicate their wrongly accused and incarcerated colleague!

Teams compete against one another, completing practical tasks earning access to laboratory results that will prove the innocence of those in the frame.

The event culminates in the viewing of each teams photofit and live television appeals.

learn new skills

Our facilitators and instructors will share their knowledge of forensic science and Police procedures with appointed team members who will in turn teach their peers new skills.

This could include ; radio communication, fingerprint harvesting and analysis, forensic photography, video presentation skills, searching techniques and a whole host of skills that are relevant and transferable into the modern workplace.

Desktop activities within the incident room test delegates abilities to think outside of the box and their newly acquired skills provide an insight into the resolution of these tasks.

Collating and analysing information, planning, sharing and displaying competence is the key to resolution and ultimate success.