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The team at Cluego are always striving to make our client’s day 100% the best it can be – and well, The West Brom was no exception. With their mix of thrilling content ideas and our expertise, together, we put on a day that was unforgettable and ultimately thrilling for the participants.

  • Guests – 90

  • Location – Clients Offices

  • Format – Go Indoors ( Bespoke Content)

  • Included – Content Tailored to the clients company values

  • Duration – 2 Hrs


The West Brom had spent the majority of the COVID-19 pandemic working from home, and still did continue to when the idea was being pitched to us.

We worked 1 on 1 with the organiser,  who helped us understand some elements of the business and their top ambitions for the big day so we could begin to prepare a suitable game. 

Due to having spent so long at home; The West Brom started developing plans to make the move back into the office for some employees.

The day itself was themed around The West Brom’s leadership competencies and qualities, using this as a gateway reintroduction to in-office work, all whilst providing a safe environment for their employees.

The pitch

Our client was looking for an in-house event, that would be COVID friendly, safe and most of all; engaging – but the main factor of this for them was the implementation of bespoke content surrounding the factors of their leadership competencies and values.

It was important these were integrated into the game, as the day was a building block to reinforce, re-inspire and remind employees of the company leadership qualities as they make their way back into the office and begin to become furthermore engaged. 

Key points:

  • An engaging game that can be played in office
  • A game that really pushes our leadership competencies to the forefront of employees mind
  • A game that gets employees engaged and working together
  • A competitive streak


So now we had the pitch and all the information we needed from our client. It was time to get to work. 

We crafted a game that would be perfect for this event using our GoIndoors package which utilises QR code scanning to activate challenges.  These QR Codes would be scattered throughout the 4 floors of the office and also its outdoor space. 


Freya (our content producer) worked with our client directly on bespoke content, as this was an important asset to the game, and WOW, didn’t we get it! Our client sent over pages of bespoke questions and challenges that included their leadership qualities and competencies, in which Freya and our client worked through in meeting instalments. 

  • Meeting 1: Client sends bespoke content over, Freya and client read and talk through content to optimise and filter. Once happy, Freya adds bespoke content to the game.
  • Meeting 2: Freya shows bespoke content in game to client, discussions on any changes or any issues. Freya amends content.
  • Meeting 3: Final show of fully completed content in game.



It wasn’t all plain sailing, as with anything in the COVID-19 pandemic. There became concerns about COVID19 among employees and the risks of a team building event by introducing new people into the office – This was because during our months of planning, Coronavirus became more present with it’s 3rd variant Omicron. 

Despite our clients stress, we were able to assure her that we could amend the game for remote use. Players would instead play from their own smartphones. It would be 100% remote and this way would completely eliminate the anxiety around office gatherings and comply with government restrictions in place.

We insisted this be in place as a Plan B for any future restrictions.

There was one point in the production line that the decision was made to go fully remote, in which we amended all content to be designed for use on smart phones. However, this was later changed as we neared the event as it would be something that the client was willing to pursue.


The final result of the day could not have been more of a success, Our team arrived early on site and prepared the event by scattering QR Codes and setting out iPads. The briefing went smoothly with lots of laughs and excited faces before the teams at West Brom got stuck in on a mad dash to find QR’s and gain points!


Everybody had such a great time, and it became apparent that the company values were being met and absorbed by the people at West Brom. Smiley faces all around. 🙂