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MJ MAPP - Go Urban

We were contacted by a new client from MJ Mapp who had previously been invited to one of their clients events and had such a great time that they decided to organise their own Go Urban event!

Our client was looking to organise their annual summer team building event for 120 guests in central London and tailor the content to their brand.

Within the treasure hunt route our client wanted to include special challenges at some of their managed properties and also mini games tailored to their brand and company values. The event would conclude at a restaurant/bar for the results and awards.

The main objective here was for the event to be fun, competitive, rewarding and above all an uplifting and enjoyable experience for all.

After the initial enquiry a further onsite meeting at MJ Mapps offices was organised and the brainstorming commenced!


The route was planned to start from their offices in Great Portland Street and cover a huge area to include Soho, Covent Garden, Piccadilly and back up to Mayfair for drinks at The Audley.

The bespoke content for the event was taken from MJ Mapps company values and property portfolio along with photos from their team and presented within our mini games. We used special icons within the interactive map to show where the bespoke content was positioned and applied extra points to these (if they completed them in time!)

If teams made their way to one of the properties shown on the map they also received bitcoins that could be exchanged for extra points during the game.

This clients Go Urban route was to be a real challenge and designed to test the teams in the time given! To ensure the teams were refreshed throughout they also had to meet the bosses at Berkeley Square Gardens to complete a challenge and receive a voucher for free drinks and ice cream at Freggo.


After lots and lots of emails during the planning process with attention to detail and on going changes to the plan we created a fantastic day out for our clients guests. The feedback was excellent on the day and followed up with a review on our webpage to back this up.

It was a rewarding experience for not just the guests but also our events team knowing that we had provided a great day for them and produced a great bespoke event.

A picture of a woman spelling a cast on a man during a Cluego treasure hunt (2)