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A fleet of Minis picking up clients in London from the Lancaster Hotel

from london to turin!

“Hang on, lads; I’ve got a great idea”

Go Mini has always been one of our most exciting event formats and the event that this client contacted us about was going to be one of the best!

This enquiry was very last minute and we had 2 weeks to create the route and theme Go Mini with an Italian Job slant that would start in Central London and end in Turin!

The brief included using our app to take the teams to locations around London that actually featured in the film and make sure that the teams made it to Heathrow in time to catch the plane to Italy before the second leg of the event.

The guests on the day were highly motivated, competitive and from a software company so ideal candidates for our events 🙂

Oh and of course it had to be crammed with excitement, game changers and interactive content…..No problem we said

Event Production

Straight away we began work on creating the bespoke content that involved graphics and branding relating to the client and theme. The route took the teams all over London incorporating some of the famous landmarks and venues featured in the film as well as a story line that followed the film.

Our client was a previous customer who we have provided many events for in the past and luckily they had some ideas up their sleeve for the venues to be booked during the event. This allowed us the extra time to concentrate on the production of the app and ensure the route took in as much of London as possible.

Once the content had been created we planned into the route the various venues for the start, lunch and rendezvous at Heathrow.

Teams were created, iPads pre loaded with the game and the event was set ready to go!

A character inspired by the Italian Job in Go Mini


The day of the event arrived and at 09.30 our fleet of 5 shiny Mini’s were lined up at The Pineapple Bar  in Finchley ready for the teams to embark on a week-end long adventure.

This traditional London boozer was a fantastic place to start this event from and fitted the theme perfectly especially when the brief was delivered to the already excited guests!

At 09.45 the teams jumped into their cars and headed off around London in search of GPS hotspot challenges ranging from location specific questions, photo and video challenges, custom made mini games themed to the event, and virtual Italian Job characters to name a few!

Teams also had to try and find a virtual character from the film at various locations which once found the iPad provided the teams with a challenge. Successfully completing the challenge awarded the team with a morale boosting message and meant they not only had more points but were closer to completing their mission.

Oh and of course in keeping with the theme we dropped virtual gold bullion all over London at GPS hotspots that the teams could collect on route.

Half time was announced at 12.30 where the teams all met up for lunch at The Lancaster Hotel and parked their Mini’s in a reserved parking area ready for the second half of day one.

The afternoon swiftly commenced again and teams visited many areas around the city including The Pakistani Embassy again liking into the movie.

At 16.30 sharp all cars were to meet up near to T5 Heathrow where the hand over of iPads and vehicles took place. Day one of the ‘London Blag’ was complete but so so much more was to come!


“Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you both for helping to ensure Fridays “London Blag” was a huge success – the guys thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had a great time.

The “Cluego” iPads were brilliant with lots of interaction and with the tight itinerary we had,  were invaluable with communicating with all the teams to  keep them on track to arrive on time at the various checkpoints. Great when you have a plane to catch !”

Richard Jones


For and on behalf of Giant Leap Event Management Limited