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Why A Cluego Team Build?

Why A Cluego Treasure Hunt?

Despite the multitude of team building activities out there, from raft building to jump ropes. A Cluego Team build considers every member of the team, creating completely immersive and accessible activities for everyone.

 Our Treasure hunts can be created worldwide and are completely designable for you, with the potential to be the most personable experience the team has completed to date. Nothing else compares to a Cluego Team Build, we are the leading company for GPS Treasure Hunts and we ensure that 100% satisfaction is guaranteed with every event. 


The Treasure Hunts

Why not try something different this year? If the overload of Zoom quizzes and corporate trivia nights wasn’t enough to persuade you, then let us put the cherry on the cake.

Our GPS Treasure Hunts offer great opportunities to teams worldwide, not only are we providing laugh provoking and thought processing challenges but our treasure hunts take teams into the greatest depths of the city, providing the best areas for exploration and discovery along the way. With such a range of challenges to be getting along with, teams will not be bored of the same repetitive task – because, every challenge is different! From Jigsaws, to trivia, Pair games to photo tasks; there is something for everyone.

A Cluego treasure hunt not only will push teams to success, but also open opportunities for friendly competition. With live leaderboards and an extensive range of taunts, teams can compete against each other and send gestures that make other teams jobs much harder! 

What’s not to love? With everyone getting involved in an immersive treasure task, all in the palm of your hands and scavenging the city for points. This COVID safe team building solution is perfect for getting your team back into the office and becoming interconnected once again.


Still working from home?

Some companies have actually discovered that working from home has only brought benefits to the company, and so have decided to permanently implement remote working even after the pandemic ends. Over 85% of companies worldwide swapped out their swanky office spaces for spare bedrooms last year, and 74% of those plan on continuing their remote working despite a plausible end to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021

If you fit into this category, then no fear! Hands-on team building is still on the cards. 

In fact, taking the team out for a treasure hunt if you are working from home is helpful if you are looking to build those workplace connections. Working from home has recognised the difficulty with working over calls and non face2face meetings and so by booking a team building event, you are actively promoting connectivity and team membership. It will also contribute to helping employees feel valued.



Still not feeling confident? We have your back.

Virtual gameplay was high in demand this time last year, but there are only so many Zoom Trivia’s you can do! 

At Cluego, We offer a vast range of packages that aim to re-inspire and reconnect teams camera to camera. From scavenging country to country in an immersive game of Globe Trotters to an interactive and blood pumping escape room, These events put you and your team at the forefront, and get you involved as if you were truly together. 


The Verdict

So, whether you’re working from home or back in the office, there is no reason why you shouldn’t book a Cluego Team Build. Get back on track again, and create a workplace environment that inspires and encourages employees to progress.

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