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Stratford Upon Avon – The Obvious Choice For Events In The Midlands

There are many great historical towns and cities around the UK perfect for hosting a treasure hunt however one of our favourite towns is Stratford Upon Avon. Why? Well it’s nice and local for us as we are only based 40 minutes away!

Seriously though out of all the enquiries we get for treasure hunts in the Midlands Stratford Upon Avon is the most preferred option due to its location and fantastic history. The town has so much to offer in terms of information relating to history and of course Shakespeare that it almost lends it’s self perfectly to this type of activity.

A 5 Star Town

Stratford Upon Avon’s open grounds and historic buildings are maintained to a very high standard with the central gardens around the Royal Shakespeare Theatre being no exception.

Treasure hunting in Stratford Upon Avon

This main central area of the town has been beautifully landscaped and provides a great place for tourists to enjoy the surroundings. Simply sit and watch the river boats along the River Avon whilst picnicking with friends or enjoy the fine local restaurants and bars before taking a stroll in the gardens.

Within the shopping and inner town areas you will find an abundance of national trust buildings and famous houses such as Shakespeare’s birthplace and Nash’s House where he spent his last days. There are lots of great pubs and restaurants  within Stratford Upon Avon with one of our favourites being the The Garrick Inn where we have started many a treasure hunt in the past.

The Garrick Inn said to be the oldest pub in the town dating back to the 1400’s is an ideal base to start our treasure hunts from due to the location within the town and great selection of beers,wine and cuisine!

All our treasure hunts are designed to last for approx 3 hours in total suited for a morning or afternoon session ideal when coupled with lunch at the Garrick or the RSC Rooftop Restaurant. This also allows our guests to have plenty of time before or after the event to enjoy the towns sights and night life when staying locally at a hotel.

There are many hotels to choose from however again we would recommend The Arden Hotel, The Stratford Hotel or The Welcombe Hotel as a good place to start when planning your stay.

Towns like Stratford Upon Avon, Bath, Oxford and many others are a perfect location for our treasure hunts due to the amount of content that we can utilise from the venue.

These historic towns are the main ingredient for our recipe of success. By providing location specific GPS questions they have allowed us to create not just fun but also educational experiences for all our guests.

Consider This Great Venue For Your Next Event

If culture, history and a large choice of fine dining experiences with top class hotels is on your list of priorities we cannot recommend this location enough.

If  you are looking to organise a fun team building activity within the Midlands and need a great location to base your event from then consider Stratford Upon Avon and you will not be disappointed!

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