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blaze the trails and trade to progress

Trail Blazers is a fast paced indoor team building activity based around an interactive board game. All under the pressure of a strict time limit.

Based on a classic board game scenario teams must complete 6 trails in order to unlock bonus levels and become Trail Blazers!

Using an iPad your team must scan challenge cards to reveal interactive tasks and collect treasure as they go to unlock new challenges.

A live leaderboard via our app will keep you up to date with the other competing teams as they travel along the trails.

The goal being to unlock the next challenge and so on until you reach the final test!

Not sure of the answer? Simply use your points to buy hints but lose points as you go!

Onsite Event Management

iPads Provided

Perfect For Groups Of 30 – 500 or more

60-90 Minutes

trade with other teams to complete the 6 trails

indoor team building activities

Blaze through loads of interactive challenges 

Indoor team game for meetings

Speed up your progression but at a cost!

Minimum fuss at your event with quick installation 

Ideal for conferences and meetings 


FOCUSED ON fun and quick thinking

Trail Blazers demonstrates a number of key benefits around teamwork and organisation but the main focus relates to fun and being the winning team!

A Simple Solution With Huge Fun Factor!

All our indoor & outdoor events are fully managed by a member of the ClueGo team on your day to ensure an uplifting and hassle free day.

This particular activity is perfect for a 60 – 90 minute ice breaker or fun team activity to break up a conference and energise your group.

If you are looking for a great activity that creates zero disruption to your meeting space and can be set up in under 30 minutes then this is an ideal option for you.