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The Black Onyx Experience

ClueGo are excited to provide you with an event like no other combining two unique concepts – the innovative ClueGo GPS technology and service, with the Who Dares Group unique Special Forces Experience.

This is a very unique and special experience that can be tailored exactly to your group in terms of physical ability, budget and objectives!

Have you ever wondered how the Special Forces bond, train, and action their missions to be the absolute best in their industry?

We will give you the once in a lifetime opportunity to experience first-hand what it takes, and how to achieve it, by the soldiers that have helped carve the history of the UK Special Forces Badge and reputation.


These packages can take place either in your place of work, or off site at a bespoke events venue in the Dorset area.

You will be guided by a crack team of ex-Special Forces Operators through, immersive team building scenarios, intelligence analysis, survival and situational awareness training to name a few!

This will incorporate ClueGo’s innovative technology and service, to create a unique and industry leading experience, enjoyable for all of those involved.

Office based missions introduce the dynamic world of Special Forces into your workplace, promising significant transformations in team dynamics and individual performance.

The Black Onyx Mission can last 1, 2, or 3 days!

Before the event, you will receive an exclusive briefing box, presenting the initial mission parameters and unique mission profile for your team’s first task.

Throughout the experience, you will be briefed by a cadre of experienced Special Forces Operators who will guide you through a series of training evolutions.

These are designed to equip you with a variety of specialised and diverse skills needed to successfully accomplish your missions.

For the grand finale, your team will operate in a new and undisclosed location. With its newly learned life skills and operating processes, your team will apply all the skills you have honed.

This mission is flexible, spanning 1 to 3 days and varying in budget, scale, physicality, and intensity according to your preferences.

meet the instructors

Jason Fox SAS ClueGo event

Jason Fox

Recognise this guy?

10-Year ex-SBS Operator

Leo Walker

The Lead Instructor

15-Year ex-SBS Operator

Undercover DS

A Crack Team of ex-Special Forces Operators Will Operate With or Against Your Team… Be Prepared.

Jason Fox Who Dares Wins - Team Building Day with ClueGo