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Immersive - interactive - problem solving

It is 1889. Somewhere deep in Asia, the infamous Red Flu breaks out. The virus spreads rapidly, reaching every corner of the world with approximately 1 million casualties.

Will you help the virologists unlock the suitcase and uncover the vaccine? Play Red Flu now and save the world!

Lose yourself in our hugely immersive and interactive escape box game, perfect for meetings, ice breakers, conferences or office fun.

Simple to set up in any space and an absolute winner for groups looking for a fun and rewarding indoor challenge. 

Onsite Event Management

90 Minutes

Perfect For Groups Of 20 – 100 or more

work together to solve clues and crack the suitcase

time is running out to save the world!

Minimum fuss at your event with quick installation 

Ideal for conferences and meetings