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CAN YOU crack enigma?

Enigma is all about problem solving and negotiation.

Teams are challenged to find solutions to a variety of cryptic problem based tasks that will lead to cracking the Enigma!

These challenges are a mix of fun tasks, web based investigation and puzzles.


Each task has a point score if correct, but maximum points are only available for getting it right the first time.

Correct solutions to the task sheets earn points but these task sheets must be exchanged along with strong negotiation skills and other teams to progress with cracking Enigma!

Onsite Event Manager

iPads Provided

Groups Of 20 Upwards

60 – 90 Minutes

ORGANISE YOUR TEAM AND share skill sets

The main objective of this game is to crack the Enigma but also focusses on strong negotiation skills  as teams are only provided with a limited amount of tasks.

Once a team has completed a task they will need to negotiate with other teams to exchange their completed puzzles.

These negotiations are not that simple though as the puzzles have varying points allocated to them!

This element creates a brilliant atmosphere and energy in the room.



  • Highly participative for all players

  • Setting clear objectives

  • Importance of reviewing work to avoid costly errors

  • Negotiation and deal making

  • Promotes joint working on tasks

  • The importance of utilising each team member’s special skills

  • Working together and having fun

Enigma, indoor team building game

Hosted by our onsite event manager guests are briefed and placed into teams to work together.

Teams then work on a solution to specific problems and record their answers into our app and iPads.

Our app records the answer and informs the team if this is correct or not. They only have 2 attempts per problem before they are locked out of that task so they have to be 100% sure of their decision!