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what a way to see the beauty of scotland!

  • Guests  – 20

  • Location – Girvan to Dufftown

  • Format – Go Bespoke (Road Trip)

  • Included – 3 x Mini Bus

  • Duration – 1 day


We were approached by our client and asked if it would be possible to create a fun and interactive GPS game, composed of purely bespoke content, that focuses on elements of the business and teaches their employees interesting facts about the history and production of the business. 

The road trip was initially organised to start from a distillery in the village of Dufftown to then follow throughout Scotland, visiting the companies distilleries and classic Scottish landmarks along the way to then finally finish in Girvan. 

The GPS element of the road trip was designed to keep employees busy and entertained during the long drive around Scotland. We had to accommodate 20 delegates spread among 3 mini buses. So it was important that we could keep them entertained. 


This event is a fully custom piece tailored entirely to the client. The bespoke content focused on the history and values of the business as the teams explored the companies heritage throughout. These challenges would be fun and engaging whilst also educating employees more about the company, so it was a win win on both halves!

In order to have enough content for the route which was around 6 hours long, we asked the client to compose a series of challenges that we could work with. To our excitement, the client returned with 47 challenges and questions for us to work with. Some of these questions and challenges also had the ability to be reworked into other challenges, so we had lots to work with. 

The client produced some detailed challenge sheets, in which included the timings of the route and where each challenge should be situated. This was great for us as we were able to work to the clients exact needs.  

We created the blank package, synced the route and eventually inputted all of the bespoke content, ranging from puzzles, questions and photo challenges. This was all brand focused and we changed every element of the game so it was completely custom to the client. 

Once our map was plotted with these challenges, we added the final touches including bespoke logos,  bespoke logo icons and bespoke tokens. The tokens were rewards for getting answers correct, and so it was the aim to rack up as many tokens as you could. These tokens were products of the brand, ranging from all the different types of alcohol they produced. 

We also made it so the route was in sequential order, which means the teams would only see their next task on the map. This added the element of surprise for what type of challenge and what route would be taken next.



Once we had a final copy drafted up, we wanted to show the client our work. This was to give the client insight into how we had worked their content into the game and how it would be played also. 

During the demo, on our half, we were able to push challenges to the clients device which meant the client could play the game from the comfort of their own office. We pushed every element of the game so the client could see how it would work and how it would look.  


We travelled up to Scotland the day before and stayed overnight in one of the beautiful distillery accommodations. When the morning hit, it was time to set off! The teams were briefed around 8:30AM before setting off on our adventure from Dufftown at around 9:00AM. The challenges commenced and teams were engaging in the game hugely. Our first “stop” was towards the Craigellachie bridge where teams were challenged with a photo task. Teams all got heavily involved and went the whole way to get that perfect shot!

It was clear to see by the results of teams that they were interested in the game, everybody took a real liking to the content and spirits in the minibuses were high. 

Teams completed all the challenges along the way until we reached our break point which was at the House of Bruar. Teams enjoyed their lunch and explored the local area before hopping back in the van and taking the second leg. 

Still with high hopes, teams completed all of their challenges and racked up a solid amount of tokens by the end of the event. 

We arrived back at Girvan at around 3:30pm where teams were satisfied and impressed by the event. Smiles all around!