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from london to corsica!

La amazing race by cluego

Its not everyday that we get asked to create an event that includes, crossing the channel, boarding trains, driving classic cars, swanky hotels, private jets and private islands!

But on this day we did and what an event it was!!!

  • Guests  – 100

  • Location – London, Paris, Dijon, Lyon & Corsica!

  • Format – Go Bespoke (Road Trip)

  • Included – Cars, Trains, Planes and feet!

  • Duration – 3 days


This amazing event was born through a huge amount of strategic planning and logistical thinking in partnership with another event planner who requested our expertise for the treasure hunt element.

In short we had to create a treasure hunt that had a theme of The Amazing Race where over 100 guests started their adventure in London and made their way to Corsica over a period of 3 days.

The experience lead by our app had to keep the teams constantly on the go and race other rival teams to specific GPS located challenges.

Our app was required to lead them on a specific pre planned route that would provide fun challenges on their journey as well as informational hints and the location of important checkpoints.

Some of the checkpoints on route were staffed with physical challenges where others were simply a race to retrieve a virtual item before rival teams to gain a points bonus.

The route also had different stages starting in Paris on foot, Dijon by train followed by classic cars to Macon. Finishing in Lyon.

Day 2 would start with a short coach journey to an airport where the guests were to be greeted with 2 private jets!

The teams would disembark at Bastia Airport, jump into hire cars and make their way South via another challenging route to Bonifacio where the finale awaits!

Day 3 …well that was basically a 2 day party on a private island!!

Day 1 - race time!

After an amusing and uplifting briefing at The Hilton Paris Opera Hotel the teams grabbed their iPads and set off on a fast paced race on foot across the city via many of the famous Paris landmarks.

The teams had just over 2 hours to do as many of our interactive challenges as they could all triggered by GPS technology. 

All teams were given a report time to meet at the train station before embarking on a relaxing journey South to Dijon with even more fun photographic challenges on route. 

On arriving in Dijon the teams were surprised with a fleet of 2 CV’s and Camper vans all of which were self driven providing an amusing Whacky Races theme to the next leg of the race!

By following a preset route teams used our app to navigate through country lanes and beautiful scenery which lead them to an amazing lunch spot in the hills of Burgundy.

After a refreshing break the teams set off again visiting staffed checkpoints where they were confronted with cultural activities and whacky tasks.

Along the route map teams had a chance to steal points from other teams. Teams were also tasked with collecting virtual keys that would unlock treasure chests and provide the team with a huge bonus.

Teams then dropped off the vehicles at Macon, jumped an another train and the day concluded at Lyon.

Day 2 - The journey south

After a well earned rest at Mama Shelter in Lyon teams awoke to a welcoming breakfast ( hangovers cured!) and set off by coaches to an airport heading to Corsica.

A quick flight in private jets and we were in sunny Corsica ready for the next vehicle stage but this time in modern cars.

Once again the teams headed off in search of treasure and photo opportunities before arriving for lunch at a secluded beach and restaurant.   

This was the last stage in their amazing race before they arrived in Bonifacio for a surprise finale.

At a preset time all teams had to park their cars in the harbour and await further instructions.

Our game master then released a hidden level of the game that appeared on all the teams iPads simultaneously. 

The race was now on to run as fast as the teams could to collect virtual keys and unlock treasure chests that would lead them to an invisible GPS hotspot on the map.

This location was hidden on the jetty of a near by beach!

 The first team arrived, closely followed by the unfortunate rival teams and Champagne did flow!

For us the event was over and a massive success. However the guests still had 2 days left of relaxing on a private island !


This event was by far our most complex and action packed that we have ever created.

The results and feedback from all involved was nothing but positive and a true reflection on our attention to detail, meticulous planning and brilliant app.

So if you are looking for something more than just a 2-3 hour event around your local city then call us for inspiration and we can build you the ultimate event!