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Novo Nordisk explore!

Out of all the locations we have provided our events Istanbul has to be one of our favourites. So when this client enquired about their event for 120 guests we could not wait to go back 🙂

Our client was looking to fill an afternoon with some light hearted competitive fun as well as allowing the delegates to see the local sights. The activity was to be held at the end of their conference before the evenings awards night and based on a business game.  

The game had to include all our usual fun and historical based content as well as bespoke challenges based on the clients conference material to test the teams knowledge retention!

The guests were also from all over the globe and did not necessarily know each other. This client had come to the right place!

Our Go Urban package is a fantastic experience for anyone looking to fill this brief. With the treasure hunt route taking place in the Sultanahmet area of Istanbul our guests were in for an amazing adventure.

pre event demo

Before the client confirmed the event with us we provided a live demo via a video conference call so that she could see the app in action and the possibilities for bespoke content.

As our client was based in Dubai it would have been a costly flight for a 1 hour meeting!

Our client was immediately impressed and excited about the activity especially in terms of the bespoke content that they could incorporate into the game.

The event was confirmed the following day and work started within 24hrs to create a new route and bespoke artwork for the app.


Bespoke treasure hunt game for Novo Nordisk

research & testing

It had been a few years since we last visited the Sultanahmet area and although we can create our games without the need to physically visit a location this event required special attention due to the bespoke nature.

This area is fantastic for our treasure hunts as it is riddled with information posts covering 3 languages. This provides us with some great content which the teams can read under a time restraint to answer some of the challenges.

We arrived 2 days before the event to double check all these were still in place from our previous mapping and researched new areas for the actors and bespoke tasks.

Fuelled by Turkish Delight and Baklava the Cluego team tested the route and the game was completed ready for the big day! 



bespoke content

Our Istanbul treasure hunt includes a host of great content taking teams to some of the best sights such as the Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia Museum and Grand Bazaar to name a few. 

However this game was to include even more content from the client with some interesting bespoke challenges.

We designed some branded icons on the map which would indicate where these high value challenges were placed so the teams could plan their attack.

Some challenges were based on content from the previous days conference content as well as general business subjects. There were also 5 mandatory tasks that involved the teams looking for actors placed within the game zone.

These actors were to provide a background story based on their role within the company. For example a sales rep with a sales dilemma or a diabetic patient with questions about his current medicine and health insurance.

Finally the game scenario was set to include the following brief  –

  • You are running a pharmaceutical company in Aameoland. In 2018 the company achieved sales of 500m DKK.

  • This year your minimum sales target is 13% growth over last year – which means you must achieve 565m DKK to stay in the game.

  • Make use of all the opportunities Aameoland presents and manage the challenges you may face to ultimately – simply grow and outperform competition!

  • Every point you earn is 1Million DKK


This was probably one of our most enjoyable events due to the location and client relationship.

The event was a huge success for our client and as expected the moment the teams left the start venue at Swissotel The Bosphorus Istanbul they were set on winning!

The bespoke content and addition of actors really added to the business game and gave it a very tailored finish perfect for the clients brief.

Help from local tour guides also came in useful when organising coach transfers to the game zone and the weather was perfect at around 20 degrees.

If you have a similar brief for your next oversees conference then our Go Urban format is a perfect solution. Available in every city or venue across the globe we are able to create you a truly unique event without limitations.

What if it rains? Not a problem we can flip the event to an indoor version within an hour of the game start time 🙂

Call us today for more information on this great team building activity for Istanbul!