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Cyber Attack!

In our modern day world with technology being at the forefront of most business requirements the need for secure information is a high priority.

Most businesses have this under control with systems and teams of IT geeks in place to save the day BUT imagine what would happen if one day your company was shut down by hackers!

Now although we have lots of great ideas floating around in our office for new games and ways to make our treasure hunts a cut above the rest, a game based on cyber security was not on the list!

However when a repeat client of ours called us to say they wanted us to build something around this theme we naturally dived straight in and began t
o research ways to make this work.

The Scenario/Brief

In order for the game to be a success it had to have certain objectives. It had to be fun but also a learning tool with a collaborative goal as apposed to a competitive game.

The game had to involve content that reflected certain IT systems in use by the clients company testing the guests knowledge but in a tongue and cheek method to keep the fun factor going.

It also had to be a very different from the clients last Go Urban event with us as some of the group had already experienced this and had a great day.

We also wanted to change the look of the app, so we gave it an old school green screen look and feel.

A Cyber Security Team In The Making

So after lots of brain storming and testing of different ideas we designed a perfect solution for our clients brief. The game brief was to commence during the companies weekly update meeting where their IT Director was to enter the room and announce to the group that they had been compromised by a team of hackers and under serious threat.

All IT systems were being hacked into and slowly shut down as the hackers continued to break security through DNS attacks and open IP ports. Everything from the payrol software to the sales systems and even vending machines were under attack!

The offices were controlled by a smart system, everything was vulnerable even the doors so in order to save the company the staff had to help!

Into the room stepped our event manager (AKA Head of a Special Cyber Security Team) and explained to the group how they needed to help us stop the attacks via using our iPads and app.

The staff were now part of an ad hoc cyber security team and needed to learn fast!

Stopping the Hackers

In order for the teams to stop the attacks they had to make their way around the streets of Liverpool and visit known locations that the hackers had logged into at various WIFI hotspots.

Once at the hotspot the teams needed to break into the WIFI and complete a challenge. This would either be a question relating to their IT system, a tech based photo challenge or cyber themed mini game.

Answering the the task correctly or completing the challenge would then shut down the open port and prevent any more attacks at that location. They would then also receive special codes that  as a group would later be used to secure their companies IT systems.

In Game Characters

Throughout the game they were constant game changers and help from Anonymous who provided more codes for the teams to speed their performance. The teams had to report to special hotspots where a video message from the friendly hacker group Anonymous would be relayed. This would provide them with major information and missing codes for the final group task.

As well as this we pre-recorded video messages from their IT Director and sent them out at strategic times to give the teams the illusion of a live on going scenario which went down really well.

We also pre recorded video clips from our Agent Red who was to keep the teams informed of the ongoing threat and release new information on hidden WIFI hotspots that had to be found. At the final stage of the game Agent Red was released into the live game and on to the streets where the teams had to meet our actor for a final task and code word.


The Fire Wall

Throughout the event the teams were on a strict deadline from the start as the hackers had given them a time limit before they released the final attack. In order to prevent this the teams had to gain all of the special code as a group and complete a final task which would stop the hackers.

Luckily all the teams arrived in time back at their office for the final task which appeared in the form of a ransom note from the hackers. This final task was sent to the teams iPads and those who had not got all the code needed had o network with other teams to complete it in time!

The seconds ran away and only a few teams finished with a fraction of time to go!

The event was wrapped up by our team with our amusing finale and the IT Director congratulated everyone on their hard work. As well as us after the event for our commitment and attention to detail in creating a very bespoke and on theme package!

As you can see there are endless possibilities for using us at your next event so if you have an idea and want us to create an amazing experience drop us a line today!