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We are always looking to innovate and stay at the top of our game when providing our events so a challenge for a new event is a refreshing start to the day!

A recent enquiry from a client asked us if we could theme their package on a Breaking Bad theme, hmm great we thought as we all love the TV show in the office and Jim especially was hungry to work on creating the event for them. However the key to this event would be where and how we add the tension that is so powerfully present the show.

More Than Just A Treasure Hunt AppCreative Event thinking

We know that our software is capable of more than just delivering treasure hunts with a primary function is to get people to a location and once there deliver a challenge of some kind. Treasure hunts are an obvious application and it forms the core of our business, but we can use the software to deliver all kinds of bespoke events.

With the Breaking Bad theme we had to think about the team identities. For those that haven’t seen the show, the central characters of the show are in fact anti heroes. They leave a trail of death and destruction in their wake as they rise through the ranks of the underworld from street manufacturers and dealers to producing a world class product with an international client base.

Granted it’s not the thing every business wants to associate their business with but it gives us something to get our teeth into and gives the teams a chance of some role play.

We decided that the teams would mirror the main characters as this offers the more game play. They must journey around the city avoiding virtual police, collect important items and equipment and make some hard decisions that will either improve their business or hold it back. We did this by adding a negative value to the “correct” answer in our question challenges.

Usually when we ask question we offer a multiple choice of four answers and grant a positive score to a correct answer. we realised that we could also ask a fifty/fifty question and offer a positive or negative or even natural result depending on the answer the game became a lot less linear.

This means we can ask questions in a black white or greys scale. So every time a team gets to a question this could mean that their business could grow or contract. Teams would have to talk to each other to choose what could be a make or break decision.

On A Serious Note

So moving away from the unsavoury world of underworld drug dealing we have a system that could mirror any business. Lets us say we have a client looking to take a group of sales people out on an event but want a real business element to it.

We would divide the group into teams and set them out travelling around city centre (or even conference centre see Go indoors) where they collect products which they then to sell through a sales pitch to the buyer (the event manager). Teams can also earn bonuses by hitting targets first.QR Code and Go Indoors

Each team will also have to face strategic dilemmas. At certain GPS hotspots they will be asked to make business changing decisions, if they make a bad decision they will lose points or it might have a neutral effect.  If they make a good business decision they get a positive or neutral result.

Our video and photo challenges are always popular, usually we select silly challenges but with this format we turn up the heat. Teams will have to pitch for business, up-sell or sell directly to the event manager. Teams are also scored based on the confidence and detail of their performance.

The dilemmas are written specifically with your business in mind following meetings prior to the event to ensure an accurate outcome. In all think of this package as a more serious version of the Apprentice with some Dragons Den thrown in for good measure along with all our usual fast and fun frantic challenges.

We can tailor the package to your product, represent your regions, even your clients.  With the automatic leaderboard teams compete in real time so they can see who is winning and how they compare so the level of competition is also extremely high throughout the whole event.

If you have an event that requires that little something different to enhance your day and be a rewarding event with learning outcomes then drop us a line and we can chat you through the options.

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