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london science museum quest

a bespoke event in the london science museum

We love a new game concept here at ClueGo, so when our repeat client Openreach called us with their brief we were all ears!

Guests – 120

Location – London Science Museum

Format – Bespoke Game

Included – Content based on the museum with an interactive booklet

Duration – 2 Hrs

THE brief

We had been working with Openreach for the past 12 months and provided around 10 other successful events around the UK. These events were our off the shelf outdoor and indoor events, however this booking was for a very bespoke package.

Our client had booked a meeting space at the museum in their impressive space, Illuminate.

The venue had suggested their in house museum quest however the client felt that this was not suited to their needs and required a little magic from the creative team at ClueGo to enhance their day!

time to get creative!

The objective for this event was to provide an experience that would allow the guests to explore the Science Museum, but with an improved interactive alternative to the original paper based one on offer.

Placing QR codes in the venue ( our usual solution), would not work due to the general public potentially moving or trying to scan them.

So the solution would need to be a booklet that interacted with our app and led the teams on a cryptic tour of the museum spaces.

However simply following a booklet to find information would not really blow the guests away either!

We needed to add some clever game scenarios and tactics to get the competition flowing.

the solution

Our solution was to create and design a custom booklet that not only sent the teams off on a clue finding trail, but also tasked the teams with finding codes to unlock special tasks within the app.

There would be 1 locked challenge per floor of the museum to crack. To do this the teams would need to complete every challenge on that floor first.

Once the locked challenge is unlocked the app would provide the team with a new task. The teams now had to to search for a particular image in the museum and scan it via Augmented Reality.

Once found, the AR system would provide the team with a virtual crystal. There would be 4 crystals in total ( 1 per floor of the museum).

When a team collects all 4 virtual crystals they can then unlock the Super Bonus for a huge points advantage.


Once we had decided on a game plan our Ops Manager Jim headed off to the museum on a site visit to collect all the content we needed to create the game.

The app and booklet soon started to come together and after an initial test on random general public with the clues (Jim went for a second visit to test our game was achievable), we were set to go.

The feedback from our client was everything we had hoped for and a brilliant success all round for the creative, ops and event team on the day.

If you are looking to fill a 2 hour time slot at the Science Museum then drop us a line for more information on this great activity!