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Big Groups And Big Venues..No Problem!

Large groups of guests can sometimes cause event organisers a headache when it comes to planning an indoor activity however Cluego have the antidote!

A new client recently contacted us through our website with an enquiry requesting our advice on what to do with a group of 350 guests. The event was to take place at The Ricoh Arena in Coventry and they had a window of 2 hours in which to incorporate a high energy conference activity.

The activity ideally had to relate to their conference and brand whilst also being competitive and above all fun!

As the delegates were also from the companies IT department using tech would be an added bonus.

There had to be one clear solution to the clients brief and this was Go Indoors!

A Tailored Approach

As with all our event formats the option to tailor your event and make it that little bit more personal and exciting is a great way to enhance the game. This particular event was to be 50% related to the conference theme and 50% generic fun quiz questions along with the usual wacky photo and video challenges that we include in all our games.

Tailoring the content not only meant that the delegates would be assessed on their knowledge of the companies objectives and products but also made the results measurable. We all know how much better we learn whilst having fun as well so mixing an enjoyable activity with an interactive test was key to getting the guests to engage.

Our client provided us with all sorts of great content from simple multiple choice questions to video clips of senior management with which the teams had to remember what had been said.

A host of imagery was used to create our mini puzzle games and the whole app was branded in line with the companies logo and conference theme.

Testing Testing

Once the content had been programmed and branded in our software package the app was created and the game was born!

Our client quite rightly insisted that we provide them with a demo before the event and 2 weeks before the big day we sat down with the planning team and started to scan the pile of QR codes.

The entire game was based around using the QR code scanning function within our app in order to activate the challenges. These QR codes would be based all around the Ricoh Arena on doors, walls, windows and pretty much anything we could find!

Our client was absolutely delighted with the outcome and super excited for the day. Just siting in their board room scanning the codes and competing with 6 other players created a great atmosphere and made them realise how frantic and competitive the actual event would be with 70 teams!

The Big Day

The big day soon came around and with over 200 QR codes placed around the venue in 3 different coloured groups we were ready to launch the game. In order for the teams to not all congregate around the same codes we split the 350 guests into 3 coloured groups all of which had a specific set of coloured codes to scan. These coloured codes would only be activated by the iPads if the team that found them were in the correct coloured group.

The game also had a separate group created for wheelchair users in more accessible areas and a remote group based at the clients offices.

The remote group was to start their game at the same time as the main game at the Ricoh and therefore play as if they were actually there!

Our event manager stepped onto the stage and greeted the delegates before explaining the rules and regulations required to take part in this great activity. Team leaders were led off to 3 separate rooms to meet our staff and collect their iPads. Once we received the go ahead text message from our staff through the app the masses of guests were released into the 3 rooms and found their team leaders who were holding up numbered paddles to resemble the team.

Once all teams were in place our event manager sent out the ‘Game on’ announcement to all the teams via our app and the game commenced!


The next 2 hours was to be a frantic but well organised chaotic mix of people running around scanning codes, taking photos and answering questions. Teams could also interact with other teams if they found special power ups which could be sent to another team to disable their iPad!

The real time leader board within our app gave players a chance to keep an eye on the ever changing scores and an edge on the competition when using the gadgets.

As with all our events the game concluded with a slideshow of the best photos taken by all the teams and an uplifting awards ceremony where the top team received their gold medals.


“From the initial contact to the event and afterwards James and the team have been amazing. The Cluego event was perfect for our IT Conference. It offered a fun, unique, engaging, team building exercise that got people up and moving around in the afternoon. The fact that the game could be tailored for our company only added to the experience enhancing the conference themes. James’ suggestions, advise and flexibility were all extremely useful with the planning of the day. Many thanks to the whole Cluego team – it was a great successful. “