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A very classic french road trip

Loire Valley Road Trip

Client – “Hi, we would like to explore the possibility of a vehicle based treasure hunt in France starting from a château and concluding at a Michelin Star restaurant. Can you do this?”

ClueGo Sales Team  – “Yes, yes, yes, tell us all about it!”

  • Guests  – 40

  • Location – Château de la Bourdaisière, France

  • Format – Bespoke (Road Trip)

  • Included – 19 x Citroën 2CV cars and 1 x Citroën DS

  • Duration – 3 Hrs


The brief for this event was pretty simple  :- 

Guests – 40 x VIP’s for a celebration event.

Start from the château and finish at la Croix Blanche Loir et Cher for lunch.

However, the cars that the guests requested to drive were Citroën 2CV’s. If you have ever seen one before, they are not exactly modern in any way!

Therefore careful consideration was needed in order to select the correct route through the rolling French countryside and ensure they get to the restaurant on time.

Fortunately we have worked with the supplier of these cars before so we were fully briefed in terms of what the cars were capable of.

(As you can see the Citroen’s were a fun downgrade from the guests own cars!) 

route content

After reviewing the route (provided by the booking agent), we set about planning the GPS activation zones that would trigger challenges via the iPads.

The drive time without stopping would take approx 1.5hrs and we had a 3 hour window to play with. Therefore the challenges should take no longer than 60 minutes to complete.

All our challenges have a countdown timer applied to them, so 60 challenges lasting 30-60 seconds each would be perfect for this event.

Teams are not expected to reach all the GPS hotspots. We generally include more than the teams can achieve to ensure there is enough content to keep the competition and engagement flowing throughout the experience.

The teams would have to factor in drive time and how long it would take them to stop, get out the car, complete the challenges on foot and get back on the road.

These challenges were located at points of interest and villages along the main route.

adding a game element

As with all our treasure hunts and games, we like to add an element of strategy, especially with our special projects.

So it only felt right to include a French foodie theme to this particular experience.

The creative team got their thinking caps on and decided on a picnic theme, whereby the teams not only had to complete engaging tasks on route, but also collect virtual picnic items to fill their virtual basket.

These virtual items included baguettes, cheese, wine and other items. Once these items had been collected from successful challenges, they could exchange them at various GPS locations along the route for bonus points.

This provided another level of excitement and the possibility of beating rival teams!

The opportunity to message other teams, check the live leaderboard and sabotage competitors via our app made for a très bon experience!


Wow, what an event!

This event was top class from the moment we arrived at the château to waving the teams goodbye at the end of their experience. 

This client had one objective in mind, to create an activity that would become an unforgettable afternoon for all involved.

We certainly provided this and left the clients to enjoy a whole week of other amazing experiences ahead of them.